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How Do I Find The Right Hairstyle?

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Our hairstyle defines who we are. While women with short hairstyles are seen as the most confident, women with long and straight hair are perceived as the sexiest.
Our hairstyle defines who we are. While women with short hairstyles are seen as the most confident, women with long and straight hair are perceived as the sexiest. On the other hand, women with medium-length hairstyles are considered the most intelligent. If you decided to take the plunge and switch up your hairstyle, that’s a great idea to change your look and boost your self-confidence.

It could be amazing how much a splash of colour and a new hairstyle can make. That said, it is worth taking the time to choose the right hairstyle. Yes, there are certain things you need to consider when making this decision and here are they, as shared by the best hairdressers North Shore:-

The shape of your face

This is the first thing you need to consider when you are planning to try a new hairstyle. What is my face shape? Well, one of the common mistakes people make when trying to determine their face shape is thinking that their faces are round. But, there’s so much more to it. When determining your face shape, you need to consider your hairline, width and length of your face, and jawline. However, your face shape will fall within one of the categories such as oval, long, square, round, heart-shaped, and diamond-shaped face. Once you determine the face shape, choose the hair style that suits your face. If you are not sure, North Shore hairdresser can help you find the right hairstyle that suits your face’s shape.

-Oval shape

-Oval face shapes can wear any hairstyle. However, the most suitable hairstyles are long layers, full fringe, shoulder-length waves, full fringe, and layered bob.

-Square shape

-Wavy shags with crispy fringe and long layers with the fringe work best for square-shaped faces.

-Round shape

-Round face shapes work well with a long bob as it draws the eyes down to lengthen the face visually. Also, long straight hair, long voluminous waves, and shaggy bobs with cropped sides also look good.

-Diamond shape

-Short-cropped hair or long hair with face-framing layers with added bangs will accentuate this shape.

-Rectangle shape

-The hairstyles that are suitable for square shaped face suits rectangle shaped face as well. Long hair with layers, volume, and side-swept or feathered fringe will look good.


Hair texture and type play a significant role in finding your ideal haircut. It is of utmost importance to understand what your hair is capable of doing naturally and what you can do to maintain the desired look.


This is one of the major factors you need to consider when it comes to hairstyling. Finding a hairstyle that suits your lifestyle is the key.

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