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How Smart Meters will change our home energy use forever

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The UK is now joining with the whole of Europe in changing the way that our gas and electricity is monitored.
The UK is now joining with the whole of Europe in changing the way that our gas and electricity is monitored. New Smart Meters are to replace existing meters across Europe by 2022, with 80 per cent coverage being attained by 2020.

The UK government has therefore decided that we will all have Smart Meters installed in our homes by 2020, so just what are these Smart Meters and what does this change mean for the everyday consumer?

1. Rather than just receiving one value every month or quarter from a standard gas or electric meter, you will now be able to receive energy consumption information at any time of day using your new Smart Meter, allowing you to better monitor your energy use.

2. Estimated readings will be a thing of the past as all Smart Meters are remotely monitored by your supplier so that they can examine when you use most power and what you use it for. This means that estimates will be unnecessary, your bills will be far more accurate, and you will only ever be charged for the precise amount of gas and electricity you use.

3. Because information is sent directly to your supplier, energy suppliers will no longer need to pay to dispatch meter readers of their own, and hope to have less need for call centres set up to deal with customer queries about estimated bills. This all means savings for suppliers, and could lead to reduced energy rates for all of us.

4. The Smart Meter is a giant leap forward in meter reading technology, allowing users to see up-to-the-minute information on their energy consumption, and how much this is costing, on a display screen fitted within their homes. Here users can compare their usage by day, week or month to see where they are using most energy and where they can make improvements.

5. The meters can be controlled remotely by the energy suppliers who can disconnect and reconnect power remotely, as well as monitor power quality, change the maximum amount of power supplied to a customer, and change meter billing plans at the touch of a button.

Smart Meters are just the first step required in transforming our energy supply system in readiness for the switch to renewable and alternative energy sources. The current meter system is simply not flexible enough to deal with supplies that may be sourced from a variety of power sources.

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