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How To Choose The Correct Flip Chart Easel For Your Needs

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You have decided you need to buy a new flip chart easel or replace the one that has been knocking about in the office for as long as any of the staff can remember, only to be confronted by a large array of sizes, styles and importantly prices!
A look at the UK Flip Chart Easel Offering


A quick search into buying online, will throw up a large range of brands, but in choosing your flipchart stand one of the most important questions you should first ask is how portable do I need my flip chart easel to be?

If the easel is likely to be used out in the field, and constantly loaded in and out of the back of your car, then it is worth considering buying one of the easels designed with mobility in mind. Two of the leading products in the UK market are the Nobo Fold-A-Flip Easel and the Nobo Scirocco Easel. Both of these products can be carried around in a purpose made carrying case. The main limiting factor to the portability of the easel, is the size of the backboard. The Fold-A-Flip product gets round this by being hinged vertically down the centre of the back board. Once folded down this significantly reduces the space needed for transportation.

In the Office:

If you are looking to purchase an easel from the range of flip chart stands simply for use in the office, then you will want to consider other features over and above the portability of the easel. These include:

• Castor Base – useful for wheeling between meeting rooms
• Traditional Tripod leg base – common on the lower value easels
• Extension Side Arms – for extra display space during presentations
• Whiteboard back – for dry wipe markers (nearly all models have this!)


The Nobo Duramax easel has particularly been designed with durability in mind. Made from virtually indestructible moulded plastic this easel above others withstands the wear and tear of everyday frequent use. Owing to the robustness of the product it is commonly used by hotels, conference facilities and companies allowing flip chart easels to be rented.

Value for Money:

The brand leader in the UK would be the Nobo range of office flip charts and as such they carry a slight price premium over the private label products. However if you are buying on a budget these own brand products can represent excellent value for money. One leader in the private label range is 5 star. Within this range they have a “cheap” or as they would prefer, value flip chart which can be purchased for less than £40. Owing to the affordability of this particular easel, in terms of sales volume this would be one of the top selling lines on the market.

If you need more information or would like to purchase one of the above easels that we carry please feel free to visit our web site or contact us with your questions.

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