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How To Deal With Depressed Spouse In Better Ways

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Depresion will have influence to both of you and your entire family. You might have issues to deal with individually as the depressed person, and both of you might have problems to cope with that come from dealing with depression.

Break the ice gently yet firmly. If you doubt your spouse is depressed, do not speak out a layperson's diagnosis: "You are depressed!" or announce: "You should be better to get help. If you think your partner is depressed, avoid blurting out a diagnosis: "You are depressed!" or say: "You need to get help." If you want to approach your partner to start the process of healing, you need to talk to her or him with concern and with a plan. You may say: "I am worried about how feeling tired and losing your appetite have influence on you. You need to feel better. I think our doctor are able to help you get better, and I will find when we are free to visit him. Next week, I can go on Wednesday. What is good for you?"
Go to see the doctor together. Get a diagnosis together. A lot of health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and lupus could trigger the same symptoms as depression. So can lots of the prescription medications that treat acne, herpes, and high blood pressure. Your family doctor is able to rule out underlying factors and diagnosis whether or not it is really depression.
Ask your partner if it is ok for you to join this evaluation. As you are down that low, you might not be able to say what happen or even recognize what your symptoms are. And you can not focus on the treatment recommendations your doctor is making. You should have an ally in the room.
Understand that the odds are in your favor. It is said that the success rate of depression treatment is as high as 90 percent. The road back always is really simple: antidepressants, counseling, or a combination of the two. It means that this road back have to take time and patience. There might have an initial trail-and-error period while you see whether various therapy techniques like interpersonal counseling is useful. The results are worth it.
Seek a mental-health counselor for the two of you. Depression can affect both of you and your whole family. You may have problems to cope with individually for the depressed partner, and the two of you may also have issues to deal with that stem from handling depression. It will be really helpful to have one counselor you could visit together and separately at other times.
Keep on studying about the depression. Read books, ask your doctor about advances in treatment and understanding of this illness. If you can know more about it, you could cope and fight better.
Pay attention to relapses. It is said that about half the people who suffer a bout of depression will have a relapse; 75 percent of those tend to have another relapse; and about 90 percent people will have yet another. When you have passed the first episode, your doctor will prescribe a maintenance dose of antidepressants to avoid a relapse. The two of you have to stay alert for the signs that depression is returning.

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