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How to Attract Affiliates for Better Ebook Marketing

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Ebook marketing does not only entail social media efforts, networking with readers, and more. Nowadays, affiliate marketing is one of the popular ebook marketing strategies for generating record sale. Maximize the use of affiliate marketing by making your efforts more attractive and interesting.
Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ebook marketing strategies for generating record sales. Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business (or in your case an Author) rewards one or more affiliates for every book purchased as a result of the affiliate's own marketing efforts. If you intend to use affiliates for better ebook marketing, you need to make things attractive and interesting to draw their attention. Besides the obvious (having a really good book), you also need a good plan that will entice affiliates to sign-up for your program. Here are a few attention-getters that might come in handy:

1. Make an Attractive Sign-Up Offer: To attract affiliates to assist you in better ebook marketing, you need to be generous in terms of money and reward offers. Affiliates will not sign up for your program if you don’t make it worth their time-investment. Initially, you should even consider splitting half of your book revenues to encourage affiliate participation. Remember, as the Author, your main objective is to maximum market exposure for a faster and better return on the sale of your book. The goal of the affiliate is to get paid for their time, experience, and marketing efforts. Therefore, the relationship between an ebook Author and an affiliate is mutually beneficial, and you want to make sure the compensation reflects just that.

2. Make the Affiliate Sign-Up Process Easier: If you have plans to create a network of affiliates to promote your ebook, make the sign-up process easy for affiliates to get started. Make sure every detail of your affiliate program is spelled out on your website’s affiliate page. You should also provide potential affiliates with guides and examples that will aid them in going through the entire sign-up process. Most importantly, make sure you make yourself accessible by providing your email address or phone number in case someone has questions/comments or needs additional information.

3. Have Graphics Available to Help Affiliates With Ebook Marketing: It is a good idea to create a variety of graphics or banners for affiliates to use when marketing your ebook. Having a selection of marketing products all ready to go will encourage affiliate involvement because it reduces the amount of prep time necessary to market your book. Make sure to prepare standard size graphics/banners so affiliates don’t encounter any problems when uploading them onto their website.

4. Reward High-Producing Affiliates: Everyone likes to be rewarded for their efforts and hard work. You can use this simple human psychology to your advantage by offering monthly bonuses to the most productive ebook marketing and sales affiliates. You can either choose cash prizes to reward your affiliates or you can reward them with items such as gift cards or event tickets. Whatever you decide, keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to design a plan that encourages your affiliates to market your ebook actively and diligently.

5. Increase Payout Options: Individuals have different payment preferences so having a variety of payout options for your affiliates can sweeten the pot. Consider setting up payment options through multiple channels such as Paypal, wire transfers, and even manual checks. Remember the goal of the affiliate is to receive a payment for their hard work; therefore you want to make the payment process as simple and convenient as possible.

Affiliates are generally expert online marketers, and many of them have popular websites that receive lots of organic traffic daily. Using a few of these tips to encourage affiliate participation can ultimately lead to more book reviews, recommendations, and record sales.

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