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How to Use Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels?

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Shaping a marble or granite block without the appropriate shaping tools togive it the required profile on edges is a very difficult task to be handled even by professionals. It will take ages for completion even for a medium batch of products and therefore every industry, whether small or big.
Whereas with the right tools, such as Diamond Profilers and Cup Grinders one can achieve a professional finish and shine on edges with little time and skills, and these tools are efficient as well as economical.. They’re easy to use, handle and can be accommodated without any big investment. So let’s check out the different types of tools available in the market:

Diamond Profile Wheel:
Can be used for both wet and dry marble, concrete and granite profiling
Creates perfect round-over, bevel, full bullnose edges and ogee
Vertical and horizontal type, cylindrical in shape with diameter varying from 2”-3”
Compatible with different grinders and polishers as well
Optimum Speed 1500RPM, Max. Speed 3000RPM

Diamond Router Bits:
Used for polishing and giving profiles on granite concrete stone
Made of diamond grains metal-bonded to a hardened steel core. Diamond grains perform the cutting action while the core supports the thrust and vibrations.
Used in bullnose concrete router bits
Can be used on any surface whether hard on non-abrasive non-metals such as stones, concrete, glass, ceramics, gemstone, semiconductor materials, etc

Diamond Drum Wheels:
Used for fabrication of radius, oval surfaces and surfaces aligned at an angle to the normal. A protrusion on the top guides their direction
Can be used for both wet and dry grinding, stock removal, sanding and polishing
Various types are electroplated, diamond impregnated resin filled polishing drum wheel, vacuum brazed metal grinding drum wheel and zero tolerance drum wheels. The grooved surface provides multiple cutting edges as well as gap for metal chips to escape.
Available in sizes of 1”, 2” and 3”
Drum grits ranging from 30, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 3000 up to 6000 are used. Higher the grit number, finer is the finish produced. So grits such as 50 and 100 are used for rough grinding works which are mostly metal removal processes. However higher grits such as 1500 or 3000 are used for buffing and polishing purposes
Works efficiently with granite, marble, stone, concrete, tile and other stone materials.
Comes with 5/8” 11 or M14 thread and works over variable speeds

Diamond Cup Grinding Wheels:
These are diamond abrasives metal-bonded to metallic wheel body. In hot pressing, diamond abrasive is sintered first and then welded to the metallic core. Cold pressing follows the reverse process
Used for surface preparation and grinding of concrete, stone, granite and marble
Diamond concentration varies for different materials. Harder the material, more is the concentration required
Quality of diamonds required is directly proportional to the quality of finish while grit size varies inversely.
So now that you know about these tools; their specifications, what they are made of and where they are used, you can make an estimate of your requirements, order them online and soon they’ll be in your hands!

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