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How to select your Marble slab supplier in Sydney

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Are you thinking of featuring marble in your designed space then be prepared to be inspired.
Are you thinking of featuring marble in your designed space then be prepared to be inspired! Marble has been adored from the ancient times of kings and their palaces to being featured in our modern designs till date. Marble slabs are natural beauty those weathers and ages well with the passage of time. Undoubtedly, marble is no small investment. Especially with this wide selection range in the market today the options available are overwhelming to most professionals and homemakers. Avant stone for instance imports marble slab in Sydney from all around the globe hence a customer can enjoy an Italian marble flooring accompanied with a touch of marble from turkey as their kitchen benchtop. There may be some marble slabs options which might be suitable only to a specific area and may not blend itself well for the other areas, hence it is important that your design professionals or marble slab supplier guides you for an appropriate selection.

Furthermore, marble slab sample or a picture of the slab usually won’t give you complete picture of the characteristics of the whole slab. Hence, a good marble slab supplier in Sydney will always encourage their customers to have a slab viewing before finalising their slab. A good marble slab supplier in Sydney will always ensure to provide a high-quality product that can stand the test of time and the material is suitable for the customer to use it wherever they intend to use. Yet many homemakers hesitate to use marble slabs in Sydney as their benchtops because of its tendency of staining and many other unknown facts. The staining can be avoided by sealing the marble slabs and avoiding spilling acidic food or drinks like a lemon juice on a marble slab; your marble slab supplier in Sydney should be able to help you with all such information and maintenance tips as well. When selecting your marble supplier in Sydney ensure they have a quality inspection procedure in place where they can point out any poor quality or flaws within the material they offer.

For all design professionals or even homeowners looking for the above qualities in a marble supplier in Sydney, look no further than Avant Stone. Avant stone enjoys the reputation of being one of the premier marble suppliers in Sydney for 20+ years now. With a passion of supplying high quality natural stone products our team is proud to have completed 200+ projects in and around Sydney. Take advantage of our expertise and experience to enjoy a stress-free process with the best possible outcome. An appointment is not mandatory however it is a good way to proceed to ensure that our sales staff give you their undivided attention. Contact us via or you can call us directly on 0298170037 for any further information.

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