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How to stay in shape for triathlon in the off-season

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For many triathletes, three autumn and winter months, October, November and December, require as much attention as the rest of the year in terms of preparation and form maintenance.
After the summer full of training and races, you can look forward to a well-earned period of rest and relaxation, but if you seriously think of doing well when the season restarts in late spring next year, you cannot just lie down and wait during the off-season. For many triathletes, three autumn and winter months, October, November and December, require as much attention as the rest of the year in terms of preparation and form maintenance. If you leave everything aside to completely unwind, you run the risk of putting on weight, developing a beer belly and losing the hard-earned flexibility. With such a burden to burn through, your new season will have to start with an uphill struggle to regain the right condition. That is why it is a good idea to take a moment and set out your plans for off-season winter months.

By late October, most triathlon races are over, which means you can cool down and take your mind off the competitive mode. This is a great time for weathered athletes who have worked hard throughout the year to enjoy these lighter weeks, but it can also be discouraging and frustrating. First, most of your goals have either been achieved by now or are so far off that your motivation plummets and you may feel disoriented. Second, while everybody needs some rest, it is wrong to leap from full-scale engagement into total inactivity. It is not just bad for your body, but also for your mental stability.

That is why you have to see October as a transition month of sorts. You can allow yourself to slow down gradually, spending less and less time and energy on workout, and in the end try to completely relax, preferably with some elements of playful activity. You can reset your mind and let your body shake off its usual burden for a week or two, just remember to adjust your calorie intake to match this new, drastically reduced demand. Otherwise, you might wake up being a lovely lump of lard.

After a period of complete maintenance mode when your sole job is to have fun, rest and enjoy the company of your family or friends, you can come back to your weekly pattern so that you do not forget what it feels to don your running shoes or cycling apparel. Instead of going straight into full training capacity, take it easy at under 80% of your heart rate. In later months, use energy resources and time left for technical drills. What you brush up in the winter time will most certainly pay off when the season strikes back and you will be taking another go at your personal best.

Late November and most of December should be spent slowly increasing the intensity of training, also by braving the cold outdoors or taking the sauna for temperature tolerance. Without destroying the spirit of Christmas (presents for everyone, webcam, jewelery, good books, some family feasting, a bit of good old TV), most triathletes do benefit from introducing first speed work and strength work exercises into their winter routines.

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