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How to write Effective Dissertation Writing on Job Satisfaction in Videocon Industries?

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This article will give you tips to write MBA Project Report and No Plagiarism Dissertations on Job Satisfaction in Videocon Industries in India. It can be worked out into abstract, literature review, research methodology, data analysis and conclusion.
Company Profile

Videocon Industries was incorporated in 1986. The company has two core activities, which include the manufacturing, assembly, marketing and distribution of consumer electronics and home appliances, and exploration and production of oil and gas.The company presently has seven operating business divisions, in which major divisions are consumer electronics, home appliances, components, etc.

Videocon started its oil and gas division a few years ago, and presently holds a 25 per cent stake in the Ravva oil field, located on the Krishna-Godavari basin.The operating cost of the Ravva oil field is supposed to be the lowest in the world, at less than EUR 0.78 per barrel of oil. Internationally, it has interests in oil blocks, one in Oman, two in Australia and one in Timor Sea near Indonesia.

Industry Overview:

Consumer Electronics & Appliances

The Indian consumer electronics products and household appliances industry has an annual turnover of approximately Rs.190 billion.The Industry can be broadly categorized into two segments:

a. The consumer electronic products segment includes products such as TVs, video products and home entertainment products.
b. The household appliances segment includes products such as refrigerators, washing machines,air conditioners, microwave ovens, vaccum cleaners, dishwashers and small appliances such as irons, heaters, vaccum cleaners, fans, mixers and water purifiers.

The key products in the Indian consumer electronics products and household appliances industry are colour TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners and washing machines. At the product level, within the Consumer Electronic and household appliances Industry in India, the penetration level of CTVs is the highest, followed by Refrigerators, Washing Machines and Air Conditioners.

The Key growth drivers of the Industry are:
• Rising income levels and increasing affordability; fuelling consumerism and growth in demand for aspirational goods
• Change in perception of Consumer goods as ‘basic necessities’ as opposed to ‘luxuries’, largely driven by increased awareness and advertising.
• Rationalizing of prices by key players, due to a conducive tariff policy by the Government.
• Increasing demand for technology driven replacement of consumer goods and household appliances.

Dissertation Tips on Job Satisfaction:

All employee works for satisfaction and it can be financial or non-financial. Now job satisfaction is an interesting topic selected by students for writing custom MBA Project Reports and can be really helpful in writing Non-Plagirised Dissertation. Never hesitate to go for professional help in writing down your Project Reports on Job Satisfaction because it is going to support you and not going to harm you. So go out and read lots of Dissertations on Job Satisfaction which is available with the author and you can read thesis, MBA Projects on Job Satisfaction.

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