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Interested in fundraising for your favorite charity, church, business, organization or cause?

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If you or anyone you know is interested in fundraising for your favorite charity, church, business, organization or cause, you should really pay close attention to this information!
If you or anyone you know is interested in fundraising for your favorite charity, church, business, organization or cause, you should really pay close attention to this information!

The Blast Off Network is about to BLAST OFF in North America soon! What is Blast Off? It will soon be THE home page on tens of millions, then hundreds of millions of home computers in North America...spreading virally just like Facebook, MySpace & Twitter!

What makes try blastoff site unique is that in addition to bringing all your news, sports, stocks, social media networking sites, online video games, music, movies and television to ONE customizable spot on the world wide web - your Blast Off home page itself - The Blast Off Network has already contracted with over 400 of your favorite retailers to secure bigger discounts when shopping online than if you were to shop those retailers directly!

Retailers like Target, Wal-Mart, Starbucks, iTunes, Gap, Ghiardelli Chocolates, Best Buy, Comp USA,, Verizon, AT & T,, Travelocity and more are already vendors! Not ONLY will they be offering BETTER pricing when customers shop their online mall through their Blast Off home page...BUT, you will also earn CASH BACK - anywhere from 1% - 15% - on your own purchases! Can you see how this will immediately lock in customer loyalty?

While that's great on it's own, here's what's even better: When YOU refer your family, friends, clients, contacts, and customers to register for their own Blast Off home page through you (just like you may refer them to Facebook now), not only do you give them the opportunity to save on their shopping and earn cash back....but, you'll also earn a piece of their shopping habits through the network you build - 10 degrees from you, in every direction!!!

The average American spends about $250 per year shopping online. Using this as example, if you referred 3 people, who each referred 3 people, who each referred 3 people, etcetera, and you continue that network down 10 levels....if HALF the people in your network were to spend only $250 per year shopping online - for example, to book an airline ticket for less AND earn cash back - YOU would earn about $22,000 for the year!!!

Blast Off is happening with or without you. As a matter of fact, within the coming weeks, vendors like CNN, Home Depot and Pizza Hut will be launching Blast Off to the North American continent - it will grow VERY FAST. CNN and Pizza Hut paid MILLIONS for the right to be a preferred vendor and get in on the ground floor!

However, by reading this now, YOU have the opportunity to get a 2-week head start to build your Blast Off network FIRST...before those household names have the chance to invite anyone!

Here's where the FUNDRAISER idea comes in: Because only one company, Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. has the exclusive contract to roll out the Blast Off Network first, YOU and/or your organization can register your Blast Off home page through a Pre-Paid Legal Independent Associate and start building your Blast Off network throughout your organization before they have the ability to register with anyone else when Blast Off goes public. THIS IS HUGE!!

Schools, churches, and organizations are orchestrating their own launch NOW in order to secure some of the most valuable "digital real estate" around!! The moment Pre-Paid Legal is given the green light to LAUNCH Blast Off, it's going to be one crazy digital land-grab to get as many people as possible off the market before the huge conglomerates can get to them!

What's better than ALL this? BLAST OFF IS COMPLETELY FREE!!! You and/or your organization can register for your home page FREE, and everyone you refer can register for FREE as well!

Talk about a no-brainer!!

All you have to do is contact the Pre-Paid Legal Independent Associate who shared this message with you - stay in close communication so YOU are prepared to BLAST OFF the moment this launches! Start communicating with your organization IMMEDIATELY so they know WHEN to register through YOUR blastoffsite - all they'll need is a name and email address - and start building your FREE network as fast and as big as you possibly can!!

Anyone in support of your organization/charity/cause will gladly enroll for their FREE Blast Off home page with YOU...since, frankly, they WILL BE getting a Blast Off home page through someone soon anyway. Whenever someone in your first 10 levels shops online to save money and earn cash back, YOU and/or your organization will be earning income.

I know, I know..."This sounds too good to be true", right? Well, what if it IS true, and you didn't find out about it in time?? You have NOTHING to lose! Everything to GAIN! The research as been done, tens of millions of dollars have been poured in to The Blast Off Network, and years have been spent creating the system which is only now about to be launched.

A few weeks from now, one of two things will occur: Either YOU and/or your organization will have already established your blastoffsite which will be growing virally faster than anything has since the internet itself went into momentum....OR, you'll order a pizza from Pizza Hut within the coming week, and on the box will be an invitation to join their Blast Off network - and you'll realize you missed the biggest opportunity ever.

Blast Off commissions, once they accrue over $600/year, will be paid out monthly by a 1099 check. Consult with your accountant to determine the best way to manage your new Blast Off funds with regard to a non-profit organization. If you need a good tax attorney, we've got a great referral. =)

PLEASE DO NOT MISS THIS. If you've ever wanted to do BIG things, help a LOT of people, and be in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME to capitalize on a tremendous opportunity...look no further.

Start putting together your plan NOW to try blast off site in the very, very near future!!!

P.S. If you're interested in taking your Blast Off Network earning power from 10 to 20 levels (which is exponentially, ridiculously bigger), the person who shared this note with you can show you how.

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