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Know the Meaning of Different Colours of Tulips

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Tulips are considered to be the perfect spring flower.
Tulips are considered to be the perfect spring flower. Grown in local greenhouses, they come in many different colours. Tulips originally were wildflowers said to originate from Persia and extensively cultivated in Turkey. In most cultures, Tulips mean perfect love. Tulip bulbs are planted in the fall and bloom in early spring into summer. There are over 3,000 different varieties of tulips. To impress your loved one, you can choose the right coloured tulips from flower shops in London Ontario and have them delivered. Here, we have mentioned the meaning of each Tulip colours.

Pink Tulips

Nothing says, “Congratulations” like a big bouquet of beautiful pink tulips. Whether you’re celebrating the birth of a new baby, a job promotion, or college graduation, pink tulips send well wishes and good luck to anyone receiving them. So make use of flower delivery in London Ontario to give your special one a surprise.

White Tulips

White tulips are a great way to say, “I’m sorry” or, “my condolences” and are a popular flower seen during funeral services. They also represent purity, honor, and holiness, making them a beloved gift for someone celebrating a religious milestone, like a communion, baptism, or bar mitzvah. Superstition also has it that those who dream about white tulips are about to experience a fresh start or new beginning in life.

Purple Tulips

Though purple is now a beloved and popular color, it remains a symbol of royalty and elegance. Symbolizing royalty, this colour is often used for bride’s bouquets on their big day. Purple also symbolizes rebirth, therefore being the perfect colour for spring.

Yellow Tulips

Yellow tulips now represent happiness, cheerfulness, and hope. Victorians even believed that yellow tulips provided a meaning that “there’s sunshine in your smile.” Due to this, the yellow tulips have become popular “just-because” gifts, as they are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Orange Tulips

Orange tulips are used to convey a sense of understanding and appreciation between two people, usually in a relationship. A bouquet of orange tulips can mean that you feel both physically and spiritually connected to someone.

Red Tulips

Red tulips are a favorite among the romantic type. Their deep red hues evoke feelings of passion, love, and lust – making them an especially popular choice for new, younger couples. They can also mean “believe me,” or “my feelings are true.” So the next time you’re trying to “woo” the person you admire, send them an alluring bouquet of red tulips from the florists in London Ontario.

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