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Lavender – Interesting Facts and Health Benefits of this Amazing Flower

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Lavender has been popular as a gift among gardeners and flower lovers for many years.
Lavender has been popular as a gift among gardeners and flower lovers for many years. There are blue, violet, and lilac varieties of lavender, with each plant producing up to 8 bunches of flowers on an average. Lavender are not just beautiful flowers, but are also popularly used in the production of essential oils, perfumes, and more. Here are some interesting facts about the flower listed by a leading Baltimore florist:

Facts About Lavender:

•The name Lavender originated from the Latin word “Lavare”, meaning ‘to wash’. Due to its disinfecting and antiseptic properties, lavender was used in bathing rituals in ancient Rome.

•Lavender originated in the Mediterranean region, northern and eastern parts of Africa, as well as southwestern Asia.

•The scent of Lavenders is powerful enough to deter flies, mice, mosquitoes, and pests.

•Lavenders are a common ingredient in potpourri.

•Essential oils obtained from Lavender are used in the production of perfumes and other cosmetics. They are used to make soaps, shampoos, lotions, and skin care products.

Health Benefits of Lavenders:

According to the best florist in Baltimore, there are several health benefits associated with Lavender, and some of them are listed as under:

Reduces Stress and Anxiety:

The scent of Lavender has a relaxing effect, helping to reduce stress and anxiety. The essential oils from the flower are often used in aromatherapy to help with headaches, migraines, emotional stress, and depression as well.

Reduces Pain and Aches:

Lavender has great pain relief capabilities. A study revealed that the usage of Lavender essential oil helped reduce postoperative pain through aromatherapy. Lavender oil also brings great relief from joint pains as well. Additionally, the oil also helps with muscle aches, sprains, backache, and rheumatism.

Improves Sleep:

Various studies have revealed that for those experiencing irregularities in sleep, Lavender will be helpful. When drops of Lavender essential oil are placed on pillows, people feel more relaxed and get improved sleep. This is why Lavender is used as a sleep agent for patients with insomnia.

Treatment for Respiratory Problems:

Applying few drops of Lavender oil to the neck, back, and chest helps with bronchitis, sinus congestion, cold, cough, tonsillitis, and asthma. With its antibacterial and antiviral properties, Lavender oil when added with vapor helps in the reduction of respiratory tract infections.

There are plenty of other health benefits that one could get from Lavender. This is why Lavender is one of the commonly used herbs in the market.

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