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Learn to Bear the Pain

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Learn to Bear the Pain
Life is a rushing river. In the short passage of time, we have encountered dams, sediment, or hurricanes. These obstacles and difficulties, experiences and pain, may be the reefs in our hearts. However, when we face them bravely, we will find that the previous scars will make the river of our life wider, longer, and more extremely clear.

When I was a child, I always worried that the teacher would point out my mistakes just in class, and this is simply because my little self-esteem can strongly feel what a shame is. However, being naughty by nature, I was always scolded by the teacher, so tears, sadness and even complaints about the teacher came to me. With the passage of time, when I grew up and knew more, I found that the harsh criticisms—“Sit upright”, “Why can’t you change careless faults” “The word should be written vertically and horizontally, because you are Chinese” but seemed to be so warm, because my good image and habits have won praise from friends.

Thus, the once small pain turns into wealth now.

During my growth, I have faced scenes for several times that I parted with friends of three, five, and even ten years, and each time I could not help but shed a tear. When I explored slowly in a new environment, the pain of loneliness would quietly climb to the heart. However, in the constant blessing and encourage of friends, I have gradually understand a hedge between keeps friendship green. So I know to cherish and guard these hard-won friendships much more.

Thus, pain teaches me the lessons of life.

In all parting scenes, the passing of our loved ones will make people more confused and desperate. When I see the once-familiar life comes to an end, the ups and downs as well as happiness we experienced together in our memory once again cross my mind in a piercing cry. However, in the endless nostalgia, we also understand that: the dead have gone, and the livings are still alive. Therefore, I learn to cherish life around us more, and bravely go on to struggle with the dreams of our loved people.

Thus, pain teaches me how to walk in this bizarre society, and gives me the belief to move forward forever.

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