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Let others have a look on your life with your pretty consent:

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Enjoy life, learn from it and let others do the same from your life book. Be an inspiration for others and your own self.
Everyone has its own definition of living life. This basically includes his wishes, urges, sufferings, hardships etc. Don’t you guys feel that except all these, we are actually unable to experience it in the best way? As, a recipe is combination of various ingredients like spices, oil, salt, sugar etc to taste it in the most delicious way and thus growing the appetite even if we’re not actually hungry, life is also a big whole recipe with all the above ingredients to feel and experience it in the most beautiful way. How is it if I can taste this big whole recipe of My Life anytime I wish to?
Normally, we all face hardships during our journey of life. It just a part of our living. But that is not all! During the course of our journey, we flourish ourselves with our own and other’s experiences to nurture our mind and thoughts as much as possible. They, in turn help us to strengthen ourselves from the core of our heart so as to deal with this hardcore rough world (a soft and friendly world from inside) in a strong and brave way. But in this race of life when someday, more or less towards the end of our life cycle ,if we are turning back and want to just recapitulate things, we are going through, then knocking our memory is a good option to do so. Everybody loves to fulfill all his wishes. Writing a will can sort out this problem. Whatever things we are having in our memory box or unable to say or express or till we need to explore or experience, we can simply jot down it in a piece of paper for a long lasting storage. And when this jotting down keeps on increasing, then this piece of paper someday may take the shape of a book. Such huge bag of experiences to feel and gather! Isn’t it? Just trying to let you guys smile in this serious discussion! O.K. coming back to our sole motto of describing life, we can say that by this method we can accumulate all our fears, wishes, braveness, intuitions, motives, struggle, enjoyment, knowledge, inspirations, etc at the same place and at the same time. Actually, These small-small happenings provide us clusters of different feelings with one final outcome i.e. live life happily and hence teaches us practically how to convert unsuitable conditions into favorable one .To accomplish our goal is, I think, the utmost hidden urge of ourselves and in fetching this, we experience many other things side by side. So it’s good to collect all of them in a book .At least we can turn-up the pages whenever we want to go through our own life history. It may also help others to improve and share their life details with us. After all, we all go through the same general feelings to correlate.
Apart from this, if something still remain unknown to us till the end of our life span ,let it be so and enjoy the till date collections in the My Life Story book. May be someday, we or someone else is going to add another page to the book! A lot of revelation about one’s life in the book with a little suspense or mystery is always appreciable. Otherwise, life may lose all its charm.

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