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Life is only for once - Live it in the maximum possible ways!

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Rediscover yourself in the book of Life and be an inspiration to others.
Life, perhaps the simplest or the most difficult word of dictionary! Not literally but from philosophical point of view we really feel that. Isn’t so? We, the human beings are considered the most advanced and civilized creature on earth and this is the reason that we have undergone such tremendous social and technological revolutions. During our journey of life we come across a lot of happenings, sorrows, experiences, thoughts etc out of which some turns us to keep our heads high and some turns up with a sense to recapitulate and reorganize us according to the needs, removing all the evils and wrongs from our acts.
Life seems to be a wonderful experience for those who know how to tackle situations whether favored or unfavored and transferring the negatives into positives. How is it of preserving all our experiences in the form of a book? During the course of living, every day we experience a lot of thing out of which we overlooks some matters and keeps on cherishing the most joyful moments. But true from the core of our heart, we know that both the matters help us to stay happy and fight back our sufferings. My story, just like others, will comprise of my wishes to fulfill, my thoughts to process, my sufferings to experience and hence my will power to seek out everything positively. When we ourselves go through the same happenings, then only we nurtured our thoughts about the impact of those acts on others. Only Then, we can say how easy or how hard is the life of others in comparison to our living styles. Anyway, everybody has its own define rules of leading life and accordingly they are adapting themselves to the coming situations. The life story, till one point seems to be same in most of the cases generally but it’s our doings which actually creates the difference turning the simple living guy into an inspiration for others. The way one struggles out the wrongs for its very existence and succeed, sets the thought of accepting LIFE cheerfully or not. In my case, I’ll collect all my experiences, thoughts, sorrows, enjoyments etc at one area so as to avoid its misplacement from my memory and juggle out according to my wish. Whenever I’ll feel of turning my life pages back to clear out the view where I’m standing now and how far I need to proceed, the book will remind me of the glorious past or painful sufferings, thereby signaling me to rejuvenate myself .It will give some time to spend myself with only me in the busy schedule of life. After all, we all love to explore and excel the unknown facts in ourselves. Attracting everybody to share the different feelings of life is a good idea to get accustomed with other hearts. May be that, helps us to relate ourselves with others?
It’s a good idea of discovering our life by seeing the life history book. And what is wrong, if we want to know or be known by others. After all we are sharing the same book called LIFE.

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