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Live and learn the word - LIFE!

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Try to share your precious life story with others by preserving even the simplest happenings of life.
How is it, if we live and learn life both at the same time? Life itself is the best institute to let us know and understand its actual meaning, better to say its actual importance. Learning and acquiring knowledge from such a big institute will definitely enrich our thoughts and experiences and helps us to learn and live it in the most appropriate way. But in this course we may slip out certain incidences due to continuous gathering of new happenings. At this time, preserving them by writing down somewhere is the best option to recall.
The whole bad and good happenings, the sweet and bitter experiences, urge, desires, hardships, struggles etc adds real meaning to Life. Living life and not experiencing all these previously mentioned terms, won’t allow us to feel it in the utmost way. Writing down Biography is a good way of preserving the life details of someone. It helps to let us know about other’s life details and thus we can correlate our own life with them. After all, more or less, we all share the same happenings of life. The difference lies in the fact that in what way we are facing and hence sharing it with others. Sharing the life incidences, one must not feel that My Story will be a very special one or a fully different one because we all undergo through nearly similar stories, the only difference being lying, is the way we lead it and its effect on us. Till we cannot relate ourselves with others in thoughts, doings, wishes, experiences etc, we won’t feel of sharing anything with them. So, it’s really important that we are connecting ourselves with each other to feel and excel life in its accurate way. Again if we really want to stay in this earth even after our death, then I feel that keeping our life history jotted down somewhere and let others reading and sharing it whenever they feel of so, is the best ever choice. This also helps us to know about how we must behave when in hardships and how to achieve success out of it. To accomplish one’s goal and reach the top, is the ultimate wish of everyone and in this if we turn an inspiration for someone, then it is always an extra advantage. Even it is good enough that we are helping someone directly or rather indirectly to reorganize and renovate his living styles. The life stories include the entire if and buts of one’s living and hence help to get a view, doing a u-turn whenever we wish to, for a fresh start. At least it provides us some time to spend with our own self and thus help to feel whether we need a change or thrust to convert the negative of life into positive or not.
Writing down life history also helps us to get familiar with the unknown aspect of someone, thus giving a try to understand the person better. Actually then only we can relate ourselves with others as much as possible. So, writing and sharing life history and different happenings of one’s life not only help that particular person to have a better glance of his own life but others also to get inspiration from that to lead their life in the best way.

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