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Mortgage Solutions from Nova Scotia Mortgage Brokers

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The historical low rates of mortgage products have led to an increase of mortgage demands. Mortgage solutions have diversified in order to be able to meet the needs and expectations of most customers. The offers of a well reputed Halifax mortgage broker may just be what you are looking for.
Halifax, just like any other busy urban hub, provides various solutions to serve the needs for customized and high quality mortgage solutions. But these products, irrespective of your training, can be a maze of paper work and legal matters which you need to understand before anything else. Therefore, the next logical step is to choose a Halifax mortgage broker, out of the many Nova Scotia mortgage brokers, who can offer you the most adequate solution for your needs.

But what are the possible mortgage solutions that you may be confronted with and for which you will need a reliable, well informed and well connected Halifax mortgage broker?

Here are some of the common solutions that any of the Nova Scotia mortgage brokers can provide:

• Pre Approval - You may be purchasing your first home, approaching maturity on an existing home, or simply looking to refinance early. Each of these situations is an important consideration for getting pre-approved early.
• First Time Home Buyer - This is about taking advantage of the government’s Home Buyer’s Plan to leverage your RRSP in case you or your spouse is a first time home buyer.
• First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit - It involves the non refundable tax credit for certain home buyers who acquire a qualifying home after January 27, 2009.
• Cash Back Mortgage - This is a new product on the mortgage market which allows the borrower a certain flexibility to secure the need for down payment. The lender will pay a sum of cash at closing which can be either a percentage or a fixed amount.
• Self-Employed Mortgage - This is for the 2.5 million Canadians who earn their living from commissions. A Halifax mortgage broker can advise on various lending options even for those with short self-employment history.
• Purchase Plus Improvements - This is a great solution to get the house of your dreams with the necessary renovations at the same time without a second mortgage. Nova Scotia mortgage brokers find it a great two in one mortgage product.
• No Fee Switch On Renewal - This is a great cost effective solution to switch lenders on anniversary date when loan and amortization are not changed. Any Halifax mortgage broker should be able to offer that.
• Refinance - Refinancing or remortgaging may be necessary for various reasons from debt consolidation to home renovations. It is a great solution for numerous families.
• Reverse Mortgage Loans - This is a solution for retired home owners. Nova Scotia mortgage brokers explain that lenders are allowed to take a claim in exchange for a regular payment to the owners.
• Debt Consolidation - The best way to avoid paying high interest rate loans is to restructure your loans. A good Halifax mortgage broker would inform you that this is a good time as mortgage rates have never been lower.

In addition to the above mentioned categories, there are numerous mortgage-based solutions for rental and investment properties, commercial mortgages, bad credit, bankruptcy or debt arbitration mortgage products, and other related solutions.

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