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Our Magazine Will Help You To Know More About Medical Marijuana And Its Clinics

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Throughout Los Angeles County The 420 Times is a renowned magazine represents information about medical marijuana.
Marijuana is prepared from the dried flower clusters and leaves of the cannabis plant, usually smoked or eaten to induce euphoria. It swings one’s mood into happiness or relaxation. It is a strong-smelling plant, which dried leaves are used to prepare hallucinogenic drugs. It is a common and soft drugs used for smoke and chewing. Though Marijuana and medical marijuana are not recognized under federal law, the California state law recognizes medical marijuana. THE 420 TIMES, a monthly magazine, just provide you information ONLY of the list of clinics/physicians/patient groups. Any marijuana news related to medical marijuana and marijuana legalization is provided by us. But friends it should be remembered we does not recommend or verify the legitimacy or the activities of clinics/physicians/patient groups listed herein or even endorse any clubs, compassionate centers, mail order facilities, etc. It is your own risk to involve yourself with their activities or to get any service of them.

The 420 Times is a monthly magazine, provides you useful information about medical marijuana for patients, caregivers and physicians distributed throughout Los Angeles County from Thousand Oaks to Long Beach and up to Lancaster and Santa Clarita. We warmly welcome our readers to enjoy it. We have made many successful milestones to provide the best. In the year 2010, we touched 100,000 marks from 2.1 million and it would have been possible by the support, the loyalty and input from our fantastic readers. We will explain some steps to help patients in their search for the right strains of cannabis, but be sure you check with your doctor or dispensary about the best strain for you, and do not be afraid to try a few strains to see what works. About marijuana legalization the Rand Corporation has estimated that the number of marijuana users would double if the drug were to be legalized, many are wondering what the impact will be on the health of Californians. Los Angeles Marijuana, a medical marijuana dispensary was aired and there has not been overwhelming objection to the advertisement. A number of 169 dispensaries applied to stay open after the issuing of a medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles. But according to the new law the city clerk determined that only 41 are qualified to stay open. Our group is involved to legalize weed. There are so many, and they all seem to have different philosophies on how to legalize marijuana. Los Angeles Cannabis, a conference is being held on Saturday, March 19th to discuss where the cannabis law reform movement goes from here.

It is very complicated to say that why human consume marijuana. At our site there is much coverage with images, video of marijuana news. Dr. Shaheen Lakhan, executive director of the Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation, has shown that marijuana can help relieve multiple sclerosis patients of the muscle spasms caused by their condition. A new study has found that marijuana use can potentially help bipolar patients, can potentially help people dealing with cancer. There are many ongoing researches on marijuana and every type of marijuana news is available in Los Angeles and Ventura County monthly for free. Just make a subscription to us. If you are an outsider of the area and wish to have the magazine it will be delivered via the US Mail to your home. To subscribe, please click the Buy Now button and use your PayPal or credit card for payment.

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The 420 Times is a well known monthly marijuana magazine covers marijuana news about medical marijuana for patients, caregivers and physicians, clinics or dispensaries. There are lot of debates and support on marijuana legalization , we provide useful information on medical marijuana and some listed groups or clubs. Now it depends on how you will handle our provided information.

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