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Poverty is a Disgrace

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Poverty is a Disgrace
Poverty is a disgrace. When I’m poor, I do not hate how unfair this society is and I only hate I’m useless. Why do other people have what I don’t have?

Poverty, have made us become increasingly lonely.

Money, cannot represent how rich a person is, (thinking is the real treasure), but it can represent the dignity of a person to live.

I am poor, but I do not complain about how unfair this world is.

When we are not very rich, please remember: we are just a poor man, do not treat people everywhere like a rich man.

When we are not very rich, please remember: we are just poor men. Fair-weather friends will sooner or later make you see that people are really cold.

When we are not very rich, please remember: we are poor men, so do not be wasteful in order to win a girl's heart. When you have no money, she will sooner or later throw herself into the arms of others. It is the time to test the girl when you have no money. What we are looking for is a girl who is dead set on struggling with you rather than a girl who covet your money. You should make a woman love your heart rather than your money. For women, picking a man is like choosing stocks, you should choose the potential shares instead of the sky shares. If a woman likes a man, she should not see how rich he is now, but to see if he has no ambition. You should have foresight when choosing a man.

When we are not very rich, please remember: we are just poor people, so you should neither save money nor waste money. It’s not time for us to enjoy.

When we are not very rich, please remember: We are still poor men. When one day we are rich, do not forget how we have today and do not forget how those rich people treated you before.

“The poor are spared to reach and the world economy.” This is a spineless man. We can be poor, but our ambitions cannot be poor.

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