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Reasons to Choose Tesla EV

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We can’t deny the fact that there is a huge demand for electric vehicles, and the market for EVs is expected to double in the coming years.
We can’t deny the fact that there is a huge demand for electric vehicles, and the market for EVs is expected to double in the coming years. Developed nations are actively promoting electric cars to reduce emissions, which has resulted in the growth of electric vehicle sales. While there are several EV manufacturers, Tesla is dominating the EV market for decades. In fact, Tesla created a huge demand for electric cars with unique features, excellent design, and engineering.

Tesla has changed people’s perspective on electric cars. Yes, Tesla’s recent models have the design of sports cars, the safety of Toyota, and Tesla charging stations for fast charging. According to the test conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Tesla EV has become the safest car, earning top marks across all categories.

Here’s why you need to choose Tesla electric cars

Efficient battery

Battery backup will always be the driver’s first priority in switching to an electric car. We are used to gasoline cars and have the freedom to drive as much as we want, occasionally popping into the gas station to fill the tank. Tesla knows this and came up with a special battery and built the Tesla super chargers network. Tesla’s battery backup is better than other car models. Yes, they have a maximum range of 370 miles with a single charge. On the other hand, Tesla’s competitors have a maximum range of below 300miles. Yet, the batteries are not enough to make Tesla a popular brand. That’s why Tesla has super Tesla charging stations where you can charge the vehicle quickly for 30 minutes at free of cost. It also offers portable tesla chargers that can be used to power the car at home.

Unique design and engineering

Electric car models before Tesla’s model S were unsatisfactory for drivers. Then, Tesla came to the play and launched Model S, and the entire perspective of electric cars has been changed. All models of Tesla EV can be charged quickly and also operates faster than any other models. Tesla cars have won thousands of car owners who have opposed electric cars over gasoline cars.

Advanced parking sensors

Of course, parking sensors have been around for decades, and it’s nothing new. But, Tesla EVs have got better and advanced parking sensors that make parking hassle-free. Tesla handles parking differently and shows where the object is being detected and how far away it is.

Excellent service

Tesla offers excellent, prompt service. Most of the issues are resolved on the same day. In some areas, Tesla employs Tesla Rangers, in which mobile technicians make calls and fix the problems. In the latest model S the data can be uploaded wirelessly. The technicians can fix some issues without even touching the car.

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