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Root Canal vs. Tooth Extraction – Which Is Better

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Healthy teeth and gums are essential. But, unfortunately, we tend to lose our teeth.
Healthy teeth and gums are essential. But, unfortunately, we tend to lose our teeth at some point in our lives due to various reasons, including trauma, dental disease, and poor lifestyle factors such as drinking and smoking. One such dental problem is tooth decay. Dental caries is a common dental problem that affects millions of Aussies.

What Is Dental Decay?

Dental decay is the erosion of a tooth’s enamel. It is caused by filmy bacteria called plaque, and it occurs when the enamel and dentin become soft due to acid attack that’s formed from the food particles that are left on teeth.

Dental caries can be treated but can’t be reversed beyond a certain period. It could be treated in the early stages of tooth decay by removing the carries and filling with dental sealants and prevent further infection. However, people aren’t a fan of visiting Blacktown dental clinic when a dental problem is at the starting stage. As long as, it doesn’t bothers them and affect their daily routine, people assume that it’s good to put off dental appointments. See; always remember that dental decay won’t go away unless it is treated.

When it progresses to the next stage, there are two treatments, including root canal and tooth extraction. People often get confused and find themselves in a critical position to choose the right treatment.

Although deciding on which treatment can be a difficult task, familiarising yourself with both methods can help you pick the right one.

When Should An Infected Tooth Be Extracted?

Sometimes the emergency dentist Blacktown may suggest you removing your teeth. It may be due to a large cavity that has compromised most of the tooth’s structure, making it irreparable. Moreover, if your tooth has a severe fracture, extraction may be the best option. If a tooth is infected due to an impacted wisdom tooth, the orthodontist Blacktown may recommend wisdom teeth removal.

When Can A Tooth Be Saved?

If a tooth has damaged pulp, root canals are suggested to save the teeth. The pulp is the innermost layer of your teeth that provides healthy blood flow to the teeth. But, if it is damaged by a cavity, it can allow bacteria from the mouth to pulp and leads to infection and the pulp’s vital tissues die.

See, it’s always a good idea to opt for a root canal procedure as it’s intended to save your remaining natural tooth. Saving a natural tooth is the best option than extraction. Root canal procedures have a higher success rate, and they are safe, less invasive, painless, and you could recover quickly.

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