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Should I get my Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

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No one visiting their dentist wants to hear they should have their tooth removed, but tooth extraction sometimes becomes vital in protecting your smile.
No one visiting their dentist wants to hear they should have their tooth removed, but tooth extraction sometimes becomes vital in protecting your smile. According to dentists, the most often extracted teeth are the third molars, also known as wisdom teeth. In exceptional cases, the patients' jaw has space to hold the additional set of molars. However, most patients will not have adequate space and require wisdom teeth extraction. Read more to learn more about why wisdom teeth extraction is often recommended and what to anticipate with the procedure?

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are large set of teeth that grow at the back of the mouth through the teens. They assist in chewing and grinding food and were essential for our ancestors because their poor diet lead to early tooth loss. Nowadays, our improved precautionary dental care and refined food habits means most of us have a strong and complete smile for a long time and through the time the wisdom teeth emerge.

Why wisdom teeth removal Sydney often suggested?

Wisdom teeth erupt so late in development, and as argued, people no longer lose teeth early in their life. This is why third molar removal is often suggested. The lack of space to support these additional set of teeth can lead to many other issues, including:

Dental Drift: When the molars shift the neighbouring teeth during the eruption, it may result in changes in the bite that demands orthodontic treatment.

Impaction: When wisdom teeth are helpless to erupt correctly out of the gum line, they lead to distress and pain.

Crowding: When the jaw is not roomy enough for the additional molars, the nearby teeth may move closer or overlay, making them more challenging to clean.

Is Wisdom Teeth Sydney removal a Complex process?

Dentistry has developed a lot, and now wisdom teeth removal has become simpler than ever! It is just like extracting any other teeth. Wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney is reasonable and is commonly done by a surgical procedure. Still, there is nothing to worry about because you are not going to feel even a sliver of pain during the procedure. Depending on your case's difficulty and how concerned you are about the procedure, the dentist may give you anaesthesia to ensure you are very relaxed throughout the procedure.

However, the procedure's complication depends on your age and your body's capacity to heal from the surgical wounds. Yes, the quicker the teeth are extracted, the easier will be the healing process. Our body’s healing capacity decreases as we age, this is why dentist advises wisdom teeth extraction at a much early age or even before the root forms completely.

Also, these teeth are located at the farthest end and are quite big. When they are left neglected for a long time till their roots develop fully, they may intercede with some of the major nerves running down the gum line. In such cases, the professional will have to give more care while removing.

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