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Submitting free articles

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Thousands of article directories are available, online where you can submit your articles.
Introduction to submitting articles
Thousands of article directories are available, online where you can submit your articles. Most articles are submitted to article directories, are usually between 200 and 750 words, as longer articles fail to hold the reader’s interest. Plagiarism is not appreciated, when submitting articles. For article submit, you need to be aware of some particular rules, that are to be followed. Most article directories, request you to become a member of the particular directory before you can submit articles. The memberships are usually free. You will get a confirmation e-mail from them, activating your account. By sending a confirmation e-mail, the article directory is able to verify, whether you are really interested in submitting articles to them or not.

Submitting articles online
Once your membership is confirmed, you can log in to the article directory and look for the section called submit article. Here, you will find that you have to put in the summary, title, article content, resource and keywords. Your summary/keyword is often, what readers search for and that which appears in the search results. So, it should be catchy and interesting enough to grasp the reader’s attention. Along with this, you have to tempt the reader enough to click on the links provided. It could be in the form of an e-book or a clothing discount offer, etc. To submit an article, the content of the article should be unique enough. It should not be duplicated or copied, as this could result in your article being banned and all your previous articles might be deleted. Submitting the article, in the appropriate category is also a must because you can reach the intended audiences, in a huge way. Also, there is a chance that the editor might decline your article, if it is in the wrong category. Submitting articles, manually to each article directly should be done. If you use the article software submitter, it can attract the editor’s attention and your account might be banned and you might be restricted from using, the website permanently.

How advantageous is the Internet?
Earlier, newspapers and television promoted products and services. Later on, due to the advent of technology and in a huge way, the Internet, advertising of products and services were made very easy both on a national and international level. In the same way, free articles can be submitted on various sites on the Internet. You can publish free articles on different sites. Search engines like yahoo and Google make it possible for your articles to be read on a wider scale. To submit article free, you should find out, what type of content makes an article interesting and what really attracts people to read an article. Effective keywords are the major point of any well-written article. Getting a free product or service, is what everyone look out for, in order to get the maximum profit. A service or product which is offered cost-free, is what anyone would opt for. Free content defines the value of your work in the readers’ responses. If you do have a satisfying result, you can be sure that the next article that you submit will have a definite way of succeeding because you would have proved your worth by then.

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