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The Good Wife ‘Death Row Tip’ Review

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This week’s episode of The Good Wife seemed to be having something for everybody, with sideline stories that blended well with the red thread of the show.
This week’s episode of The Good Wife seemed to be having something for everybody, with sideline stories that blended well with the red thread of the show. Although the producers went out of their way to bring abroad an impressive number of new characters for this episode only, the action was interesting to watch.

A tip from death row determines a lot of disturbance, as it is found out that a criminal called Ricky, now on death row, can play an important role in saving a client of Lockhart/Gardner associates. However, the man has to be executed in only 72 hours, and it is vital to obtain a stay of execution for Ricky, so they can talk to him.

The firm struggles to obtain information that can delay Ricky’s execution, but reasons for convincing the judge are really hard to find. In the beginning, they want to bring the argument concerning an abused childhood, until they find out that Ricky was actually well cared for. In the end, the criminal agrees to point out the real murderer, but only if he can see his family – mother and a brother – before execution.

An even more twisted plot takes place, involving Kalinda and Donna. When Kalinda wants to see some crime photos that can only be obtained from Cary, she is helped out by Donna. Donna seems to be quite the character here, as she tries to fish out information on Will’s actions of paying a judge. She does not even back down from playing a seducing game in order to get information.

When Cary learns about the details of the meeting between Donna and Kalinda, he wants to warn her that she may be the one to lose her head, despite the fact that Donna claims to be a straight laced heterosexual. Will, on the other hand, goes to Kalinda, to ask for help, and, to his surprise, and the audience’s, she agrees, and it seems that something is going to happen between the two.

Zach also pursues a new love interest, while getting closer to Eli’s daughter. Eli’s displeasure with the affair is quite obvious, but he does not have enough time to handle the situation, as he has to deal with a client that intends to enter the political scene, but, as many candidates, has some skeletons in his closet. It seems that somewhere, out there, there are some photos showing the man doing some dirty things to a Santa statue. Although the client claims there is only one photo, the news report show differently.

Will and Alicia talk about their relationship and if they should terminate it. Although the two seem pretty relaxed about everything, it seems that a storm is brewing, and Diane has something to do with it.

Acting as a spy can be a tricky business, as one can easily see from how Jackie chooses to operate when she starts rummaging through Alicia’s private room. Her plans are however, brought to a halt, when she tries to open the girl’s laptop, but cannot.

Cary and Kalinda are involved in a shootout, while trying to get information from a drug dealer. Cary is quite the gentleman as he throws himself over Kalinda to protect her. Despite the sweet moment, Cary seems to be quite disturbed and afterwards he demands an answer from Kalinda. She kisses him, but, unlike the audience would expect from the forever in love Cary, he takes a hike!

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