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The Smart Meter revolution

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The European Parliament has announced that all existing electricity and gas meters are to be phased out and replaced with more high-tech Smart Meters.
The European Parliament has announced that all existing electricity and gas meters are to be phased out and replaced with more high-tech Smart Meters. All EU member states will be looking to achieve a minimum of eighty per cent Smart Meter coverage by 2020.

And the British Isles will be aiming to be among the first to overhaul their metering systems according to the British Department of Energy and Climate Change who say that Smart Meters will have replaced every old meter in Britain by the end of the next decade. So why the eagerness to change? We examine the new Smart Meter and all that the new system entails for you.

1.The new Smart Meters are run electrically and can be fitted to gas, electric or water meters. Instead of giving an aggregate reading of your energy usage over a quarter or year like traditional meters, they provide a detailed rundown of your power usage so that you can see when you used power and what you used this power for.

2. Estimated readings will be a thing of the past as all Smart Meters are remotely monitored by your supplier so that they can examine when you use most power and what you use it for. This means that estimates will be unnecessary, your bills will be far more accurate, and you will only ever be charged for the precise amount of gas and electricity you use.

3. As a result, energy companies will need to employ fewer staff: no more meter readers, and fewer call centre staff needed to deal with estimated bill complaints. This could well lead to energy price cuts across the board as companies pass savings onto their customers.

4. The real advantage to consumers is the ability of the new Smart Meter to let you know exactly how you use your gas and electricity. It comes with a display unit that keeps you constantly updated with your usage. This allows consumers to monitor their energy consumption and better see where they can make savings by changing their energy usage behaviour.

5. Gas and electricity companies are keen to use this new technology as it means a far more streamlined and cheaper system for them to run than the current system, It allows companies to carry out a whole range of services remotely, including monitoring the quality of power supplied, looking for power being used illegally, checking for faults and black outs, changing consumer billing plans and monitoring customer usage information.

In order for us to make the switch to green energy, we will need a metering system in place that can deal with power supplies coming from a range of energy sources. Our standard metering system cannot handle this, and so Smart Metering is a prerequisite to our progress towards greener power.

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