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The Story of Buying Soy Sauce

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There is a story of buying soy sauce:
There is a story of buying soy sauce:

Rice is a big wholesaler, while Rolls engaged in small wholesale. One day, Rolls wanted to purchase a number of soy sauce from Rice, which were arrived by three times. When Rolls pulled the cargo from Rice at first time, Rice had already calculated the accurate time, and first poured half of a bucket of water into the barrel, and then poured into the soy sauce. But Rolls was careless, and did not check the soy sauce of the bucket.

At the second time of pulling the cargo, Rolls paid more attention to this, and used a long spoon to check. But Rice had expected that Rolls would do this, and had poured some water into the bucket last night and placed it in the yard. Due to it was the cold winter, overnight, the bucket of water all formed into ice, and then poured into the sauce. While, Rolls carried the spoon to have a try, but what he put up was really the soy sauce, Rolls thought this time was normal. However, when he pulled back and poured out the soy sauce, and knew he was fooled again.

At the third time, Rolls was more careful. When he carried the long spoon to check, he also took it out to compare with the depth of the barrel. And Rice had already expected again, after pouring the water into the bucket and then tipped it at the last night, and made the water frozen on one side, and then poured into the soy sauce. Finally, Rolls was fooled again.

This will be the end of the story, which is not that good people have good return or bad people have bad end eventually. Then I tell this story to a friend who is teaching, before long, he resigned and did business, and soon he made a fortune, bought a house and a car, which is really enviable.

And then I tell this story to a friend who does business. He soon became a teacher to teach a group of virtuous students. In fact, the story is like a mirror that allows us to see each other according to the idea.

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