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The unbelievable bond that connects the mother and child, is the umbilical cord

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Baby cord carries all the required material from the mother to the baby for its growth and development.
Pregnancy is the period of a woman’s life that includes a large excitement, happiness, pleasure etc accompanied with many risks to life. It needs a lot of patience and sincerity to pass this period with happy results at the end. The babies inside the womb of the mother are connected to the outer environment through the Umbilical cord. This cord supplies all the nutrition and oxygen required by the baby. The blood in cord is very important, as it is the blood, which helps in development of the foetus. There is Cord Blood banking is of great help; here blood from Umbilical Cord is collected and stored, does Cord Blood Storage is done at many places. For the women, who do not have sufficient Cord Blood Storage within them, the Cord Blood Banking, provides the blood. Many a times, there are problems of blood deficiency seen in babies. In that case, Stem Cell Banking is provided. There are many government as well as private blood banks, which provide Baby Cell as well as Stem cell. The Baby cell is also stored for use in future, if the baby is suffering from any disease.

Stem Cell Banking in India has also developed on a large scale in order to reduce child mortality rates. Apart from that, for a proper development of the baby, baby cord marks a great importance. Baby cord carries all the required material from the mother to the baby for its growth and development. Cryosave is one of the biggest cord blood banks, which has its branches in India, France, Dubai and Germany. The Cryosave bank provides all the kinds of blood needed to save the life on people.

When a woman is expecting, there are many pregnancy tips that are given to her and they can make great difference in the health and habits of the child and the woman as well. Pre Born Education is one of the Pregnancy tips, which has a great effect on the child. By adopting good habits at the time of pregnancy like reading motivational books, taking healthy diet, reading about baby health and baby care and the ways to keep the baby fit and healthy are some of the important tips that can help to keep the baby healthy. Thus, Pre Born Education is very important as it also passes the time of the woman in a proper way.

With the increase in development of nation in every aspects, there are many transplantation hospitals like Life Cell and Stem Cell transplant India which stores the stem cells that are needed by the people whose body does not form fresh blood. Stem cell is being induced in the bone marrow of such people, which helps in formation of blood. Life Cell and Stem Cell transplant India is a series of hospitals and research centers which work on different genetic problems. There are baby banks today, which help the couple who are not able to get their own baby. Sometimes there is fertility problem in any of the member of couple due to which the woman is not able to conceive. In such case, they can adopt a baby from the baby bank. There are also many cryobanks today, which store the important and usable materials from human body that is being used to give life to anyone. In Cryobanks, the researchers and the authorities preserve these materials after proper tests and provide to the needy ones to save their lives.

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