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Tips for Maintaining Exterior Paint

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Once you are done with the exterior paint job, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your home's new look.
Once you are done with the exterior paint job, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your home's new look. Repainting your house is a major undertaking, whether you have tackled the job on your own or worked with professional painters in Sydney. However, the maintenance can be challenging as the home’s exterior is susceptible to damages due to natural elements. It is a quiet natural that we want our home’s paint job to last longer. If not maintained, the paint can begin to deteriorate. That’s why regular exterior paint maintenance crucial.

When maintained well, it provides you with a range of benefits, including your house look great in all seasons year after year. Without regular upkeep, your house begins to look dull, faded, shabby, and dirty just after a couple of years of painting. Here are a few tips for maintaining your home’s exterior, as shared by exterior house painting Sydney specialists:-


Washing your home’s exterior can help to get rid of dirt, dust, air pollutants, mildew, bird droppings, and other particles on the surface. In addition to keeping your home look fresh, regular washing keeps the paint from deteriorating. Use a long-handled, soft-bristled scrub brush and mild soup water to clean the walls. Be gentle, and then rinse the walls with a garden hose to keep your house looking great throughout the year. You can also opt for power washing but ensure it doesn’t damage the walls. It is better to hire professionals to power wash your house as it can be hazardous to people and property if not handled correctly.


Your home’s exterior walls have unique conditions that can change the rate at which paint deteriorates. While some areas are exposed to sunrays and wind, others have different substrates beneath them. The areas which are more exposed to sunlight can fade quicker than those that are not. This means some parts of your home’s exterior will require repainting before others. In such a case, the best option is to perform touch-up house painting Sydney on your home exterior every couple of years. A touch-up can add life to your entire paint job.

Check for spots and stains

Over time, stains and spots can accumulate on your exterior paint job. To make cleaning the spots hassle-free and quick, it is best to treat them immediately. It may sound easier. But, you might not be aware of spots as soon as they appear. So, spend some time examining the high-traffic areas as it will help you locate potential spots that needs to be cleaned.

Remove mould

Mould can make your house look ugly. Mould thrives in high humidity areas. If you spot mould on your walls, examine the affected area to determine the severity of the infestation. Clean the mould with a solution or call a professional mould removal company.

These tips should help extend the life of your exterior painting. Need help with painting your house? Get in touch with CLP painters.

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