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Tips for Storing Doner Meat in Your Restaurant’s Kitchen

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Food safety is a top priority for restaurateurs. Food poisoning happens when people consume food that is contaminated with harmful virus, bacteria, and toxins.
Food safety is a top priority for restaurateurs. Food poisoning happens when people consume food that is contaminated with harmful virus, bacteria, and toxins. Foodborne illnesses are infections and toxic in nature, ranging from mild to severe health problems and risks. The commercial kitchen and the areas where the food is stored and prepared should be clean to maintain all health and safety standards, and abide by all the laws of food hygiene and storage.

Failing to do so can lead to foodborne illness and can cause serious damages to the reputation of the hotel, and lead to unnecessary fines. Some foods are more likely to cause food poisoning than others, and raw meat and poultry are one of them. Raw and uncooked meat and poultry should be handled and stored safely as they can make people sick.

In order to ensure the meat is stored and used properly, you need to follow these guidelines:-

Wrap food properly

Cross-contamination is likely to happen when raw meat is left open. Not only the raw meat will be contaminated, but the juices from the raw meat will contaminate other foods as well. So, wrap the meat as soon as you buy doner meat kebab meat from the supplier and wrap it immediately. However, when wrapping meat, ensure you are doing it with proper materials and tools for sufficient storage.

Also, when storing meat, it is essential to make sure the meat and the products around the meat are safe. Whether you are using lids or cellophane, ensure the raw meat is wrapped in such a way that will prevent leaking and the food remains untouched.

In case if your restaurant operation requires the marination of meat, it is likely to store the marinated meat in stainless steel or plastic cans. An additional layer of the wrap could help better secure the contents.

Find the right supplier

While storing the meat is crucial, it is as important as purchasing quality meat from the supplier. Look for suppliers who provide high-quality doner meat wholesale price. If the meat is spoiled while it is delivered, the chances are high that it can cause food-borne illness. Always work with the meat supplier who is reputed, licensed, and follow the food safety standards.

Store it in cold storage

With all meats, poultry, and seafood and other cold storage items, there is a procedure and hierarchy of how items must be stored. This is to ensure the safe cooking temperatures of food items and to ensure the safety of diners.

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