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Tips on caring for your windscreen after replacement!

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A newly replaced car windscreen requires more care in the first few hours than regular glass.
A newly replaced car windscreen requires more care in the first few hours than regular glass. After all, it is an investment, and you don't want to do anything that can cause your car windscreen to leak. Continue reading to know some do's and don'ts post windscreens replacement Sydney.

Inspect your vehicle after windscreen installation:

After the new windscreen is installed, you should take a closer look at your car glass. There should not be any evident gaps between the body of the car and the windscreen. Also, be watchful of any fragments of the old glass shards on the dashboard or seats. Though professionals will keep these things checked, it is always better to take some extra care.

Get your warranty card:

Don’t forget to collect your warranty card. Unfortunately, some issues might happen even after careful windscreen installation. In such cases, the warranty will help you. The right quality windscreen should have a warranty for workmanship and quality defects. This will ensure your money will not go in vain.

Don't drive immediately after having your windscreen replaced:

During car windscreen installation, some adhesives are used to bond the car glass to the body of the vehicle. The first hour after windscreen replacement is the most crucial time as the adhesive is in liquid form. It requires some time to dry and fix properly. You should wait for a while before driving your vehicle post windscreen replacement. If the adhesive has not settled properly, it can disturb the position of your windscreen and can pose potential dangers. According to experts who perform windshield replacement in Sydney, you should wait for at least an hour before driving back home.

Don't drive on poorly maintained roads:

Be mindful not to drive your car for the first few hours after car glass repair Sydney on poorly maintained roads. It is also better to avoid roads that have too many bumps or deeper potholes. Because the sudden jerks can cause your car windscreen to dislocate from its exact position if the adhesive has not cured. If the windscreen gets disoriented while the adhesive is still curing, it can exert excessive stress on the glass while driving. This, in turn, can cause windscreen cracks in the future. It can even cause whooshing sounds or leakage problems. So avoid driving in poorly maintained roads for at least the first 24 hours.

Keep the windows open:

You should keep your car windows open for sometime after fixing the new windscreen. It helps in maintaining air pressure inside the car cabin. If the car window is closed, the pressure inside may rise due to overheating, which can exert stress on the glass from inside and disorient your new windscreen.

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