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Using Promotional Mugs to Promote Your Businesses

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Promotional mugs, also called printed mugs, are a great and practical way of marketing your business.
With innumerable design options and the prospect of a great one-liner turning your business into the talk of offices up and down the country, isn’t it time you thought about getting a run of promotional mugs printed up? Promotional mugs
, also called printed mugs, are a great and practical way of marketing your business. Whilst many people feel that there are other, more modern avenues to explore when it comes to promotional gifts, there is still a great deal of mileage when it comes to printed mugs – it is all down to how creative you are with it.

Something which is a great notion but which people often fail to consider is the option of displaying your message partially on a number of mugs. This technique, whereby the complete message is displayed on anything from 2 mugs, right the way up to, well, whatever number you desire, turns a normal everyday promotional gift into an interactive treasure hunt that’ll get people associating your company with pleasure and innovation. You can imagine people, looking for the missing part of the ‘jigsaw puzzle’, going into other departments’ kitchen areas, trying to find the mug that completes the message. It is alternative usages such as this that make Promotional mugs
as formidable a form of marketing as any other.

Another great way of using printed mugs is to get them commissioned with a terse little saying on them. If you can get someone to come up with a repeatable one-liner that gets people grinning, or talking, then you immediately cast your company in a good light. Of course, there are certain things to consider when you go down this avenue, such as political correctness, and the potential of people misconstruing your message. As long as you consider such problems though, you can avoid them. And you never know, you might even end up becoming the proud culprit of a saying that becomes the English idiom of the future!

Novelty shapes is another potential avenue you could go down with printed mugs. This can be a particularly potent option if your timing is right. Getting mugs printed with a heart-shaped handle, during February, when it’s Valentine’s Day, is going to have everyone associating your company with the pleasant feelings of being in love. Same goes for Christmas. Get a promotional mug that is shaped like a Christmas tree and your company is automatically the company that is synonymous with festive cheer – plus it is normal to be giving gifts during Christmas, so you don’t have to worry about the naysayers whose opinion in relation to promotional gifts in any capacity is nothing but cynical.

Lastly, and well worth consideration, is the gifts that are peripheral to printed mugs, but fit well within the printed mugs remit. Things like espresso cups, trainer mugs, travel mugs, teapots and cup and saucer sets are all great ways to promote your company. It’s all about taking something that may seem typical, and putting a non-typical spin on it. Any good company that sells promotional mugs will have a whole range of similar products for you to choose from.

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