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What are the physical benefits Pilates and yoga?

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Pilates is a non-aerobic exercise that stretches the muscles of the body and makes them well toned. This has a definite placement rhythm and breathing pattern as well. Read this article that describes the physical benefits of pilates and yoga.
Pilates is a non-aerobic exercise that stretches the muscles of the body and makes them well toned. This has a definite placement rhythm and breathing pattern as well. This is thought on individual basis and is also regularly re-evaluated in order to suit the needs of the individual. Here, the muscles are never worked to exhaustion and hence there is no sweating or over strain. The most important requirement for Pilates is intense concentration.

Yoga is a combination of exercise, breathing, and mediation and is known to work wonders for the health of a person and is being practiced for more than 5000 years. The word yoga means “join together”. It brings the body and mind together with breathing, meditation, and exercise. The exercises done by yoga put pressure on the glandular system and helps in increasing its efficiency. Breathing helps in improving the health and function of the body and mind. These two functions prepare the body for meditation. This helps is relieving stress and keep the mind quite.

Pilates Benefits: Pilates help in reducing stress; improves muscle strength and tone them; increase flexibility and strength of abdomen; improves posture; increases the lung capacity and circulation through proper deep breathing; improves concentration; increases body awareness and helps in stress management and relaxation. They are safe and can be done by all age groups. They help in relieving arthritic pain and also improve the spine posture.

Yoga Benefits: Yoga helps in reducing fatigue; muscle pain and stiffness; increases flexibility of muscles and improves muscular and postural strength. It is also know to help improve concentration levels and reduce stress in a person. Yoga is known to balance all the systems of our body right from muscular, glandular, and nervous to the endocrines. It develops a person practicing yoga both physiologically and physically.

Pilates vs. Yoga: These two forms of exercises share many similarities and give the same benefits like enhancing the body posture, help breath properly and make the body flexible though fundamentally they are world apart. Yoga has a philosophical and spiritual focus whereas Pilates is more work-out based. Yoga is more of a holistic practiced that is in practice since the olden days and unites body, mind, and spirit. More than exercise, yoga is a lifestyle. Yoga and Pilates complement each other very well. Pilates strengthen the body whereas yoga improves the postures. Yoga gives peace whereas Pilates give technique. The end result is that both are dynamic forms of exercise that delivers tangible results and makes the person feel good all the time.

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