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Why Choose Seasonal Wedding Flowers?

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One of the most beautiful elements of any wedding is the flowers.
One of the most beautiful elements of any wedding is the flowers. Yes, flowers can have such an impact on your big day as they naturally set the stage for exchanging your vows and bring everything together for your magical day. When it comes to wedding flowers, the possibilities are endless. However, with so many ways to incorporate flowers, planning can be daunting. What arrangements should you have at the ceremony? What flowers should be in the bouquets? What should the centerpieces look like?.

One of the best ways to save on wedding flowers is to choose seasonal wedding flowers Baltimore, and the florist explains why it’s a good idea and why you should listen to your florist.

Capture the time of the year

Of course, most of us have a favorite flower. But, unless you book your wedding date around its availability, you can’t expect it to be available when you get married and it may cost more if it needs to be imported. Besides, nothing captures the beauty of your wedding like seasonal blooms. Choosing seasonal flowers and foliage will give your day a timeless décor that you can cherish forever no matter what floral trends come and go. A vibrant tulip says spring; while summer is all about fragrant roses; and golden chrysanthemums speak of autumn.

Don’t worry if your wedding is in winter. A florist will be able to create beautiful designs that suit your wedding needs with flowers that are available year-round. Lilies, gerbera, orchids and anenomes can be sourced easily even in the winter. Arcs and trails of foliage, when matched with texture and detail, can be beautiful and romantic. That’s why you need to consider your florist’s ideas as well.


This is one of the significant reasons why you may want to opt for seasonal flowers. When you choose non-seasonal flowers, you may have to pay more for the flower delivery Baltimore as they may have to be shipped from some other place. That’s why seasonal blooms will be cheaper than those out of season. It is due to basic supply and demand.

Since a particular species of flower blooms at the same time for all growers in the same geographical region, the market becomes flooded, and eventually the prices go down. That is why you cannot find peonies in a particular period and even if you find it could be expensive, whereas, suddenly they are available cheaply everywhere. Ask the florist what is likely to be in season on your wedding day so that you can save some money.

Environmentally friendly

If a flower is blooming in gardens around you and you also have it in your bouquet, the chances are it has been grown locally. If so, this means shorter trips from field to flower shop in Baltimore and hence a fresher bloom for your wedding. This is great news for your wedding’s carbon footprint.

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