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Why Taking Car Accident Photographs Matter in a Personal Injury Case?

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The consequences of a car accident can be chaotic, especially, when you are seated in a wrecked car.
The consequences of a car accident can be chaotic, especially, when you are seated in a wrecked car. It can be overwhelming to understand what to do next. Don’t panic. Your first priority must be to check the condition of yourself and others involved. Next call the police and seek immediate medical help. Among this chaotic state, don’t miss out to take pictures of the scene of the accident. It is very important for a car accident lawyer Albuquerque NM than you think. An old saying goes like this – “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So, don’t hesitate, instead, take out your smartphone and start shooting videos or photos, comprising of the damage to both the vehicles involved in the accident.

Here are a few other reasons as stated by the Albuquerque personal injury attorney as to why taking photographs in an accident scene matters –

- Photographs Serve As a Piece of Evidence

How do you prove the extent of your vehicle damage if the other driver claims that the crash did not cause any harm to your car? The pictures taken by you at the accident scene can help prove this. Time-stamped photographs can help claim for the damages at the insurance company. Always keep in mind, the insurance companies usually will take photographs of your wrecked vehicle. Still your taken photos can be used as evidence, especially it is of great help to your Albuquerque personal injury attorney who is fighting to claim your compensation.

- To Showcase the Injuries

Timely photographs of your physical injuries could help avoid the at-fault driver from stating that you were not hurt in the accident. Above all, the photographs taken straightaway after the crash, makes a big imprint of the injuries than the medical reports or x-rays.

- Proof of How Your Accident Happened

Photographs taken at the accident scene, is highly important to demonstrate the road conditions, skid marks, debris on the road, weather conditions etc. This can help explain how the accident took place. Even if your photographs do not spectacle how the accident took place, they might still be useful in one way or other.

- To Find Witnesses

In case, if you are in a situation where there is less or no time to collect the contact information of the witnesses after the accident, photographs of bystanders, neighboring buildings can help recognize the witnesses after the incident.

What Should You Photograph After The Car Accident?

Take photographs of the following

- Damages occurred on the vehicle

- Injuries to people – passengers, drivers etc.

- Skid Marks

- Information – driver’s license, license plates, registrations etc.

- Tires

- Shattered Glass or any debris risen out of accident

- Traffic cameras

- Damages to the nearby buildings, guard rails or any other materials.

- Overall picture of the road, weather condition and the overall accident outlook.

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