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Why should Cat Parents feed their Pet a Raw Diet?

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We as a country just love our pets! They are our best friends, buddies and companions.
We as a country just love our pets! They are our best friends, buddies and companions. Did you know, we have one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world? There are over 29 million pets here in Australia, among which 27% are cats. Most of us, proud cat parents, consider our pet as a member of the family.

When it comes to feeding our furry friends, there are different choices, and we want to give them the best. For most cat owners, the type of food to feed their pets narrows down to two options, including, dry and wet. However, there’s a third choice for you which has gained popularity in recent years. Raw diet! A raw diet has become the topic of discussion in the cat community. The basic idea here is that as cats are carnivores, we must feed them a diet as close as possible to the ones they would get in their natural habitat.

Raw food diet is a natural fit for cats:

In processed diets, when the meat is exposed to high temperatures, the natural nutrients in it are destroyed. So vitamin and mineral supplements are added later, which are often in a form that is more difficult for cats to digest. With that in mind, switching to easy-to-digest raw food from raw pet food suppliers is the best thing you can do for your cat. It is the simplest and easiest way to feed your pet.

The ingredients used in K9 RAW DIET are appropriately proportioned so that your cat gets a nutritious and balanced diet. It is not only simple, fast, and easy to feed raw meals but also a cost-effective option. Moreover, since all the mixing and grinding is already done, you have no work much here; all you must do is measure up the correct portion and serve.

Can raw food Improve Digestion in my cat?

Cats are obligate carnivores when left in the wild looking for food; you can see them eating their prey raw. The cats’ digestive systems are specifically adapted for a meat-based diet. Their digestive tract is acidic and short, to process raw food efficiently in about twelve hours. This gives very little time for microorganisms to breed, so cats are resistant to food poisoning naturally.

On the other hand, cats don’t require carbs and their digestive system has a limited ability to digest them. Raw pet food Sydney is more digestible than plant-based foods. That’s because although they are our friends now, they evolved eating a diet with almost no carbohydrates. Also, unlike dogs, cats have only one enzyme system to handle them. So, by switching to raw food, your cat will no longer have difficulties digesting their food.

Have you decided to find the best pet food delivery services near you? Well, you have made the right decision. However, transitioning a cat may take some persistence on your part, but trust us it is worth it for the health of your furry companion.

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