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Your Speech or Speeches can Change the World

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A good speech can make a great difference. You can change minds, warm hearts or leave lasting memories. Speeches are powerful instruments be careful how you use them.
Speeches can enthral or bore. They can inspire you or send you to sleep. A good speech leaves a lasting impression while a bad one leaves you looking longingly at the exit. There are speeches at weddings, at conferences and at parent teacher nights. There are speeches too at Bar Mitzvahs, at Birthdays and at Christenings. At this time of the year lots of bosses is preparing their speeches for the annual staff party or dinner.

Depending on the occasion a speech should include personal references or tell a relevant story. Statistics are one area where painting a picture with words is better than just using figures or percentages. It catches the attention of the audience if you say "In every row of seats in this room there is one person who cannot sleep at night."

Speeches reflect the speakers beliefs too of course. If the speaker is a committed anti-abortionist his or her passion will come across in the speech. A clever speaker will ensure though that he or she is not dogmatic. Instead that anti-abortionist will show his concern for those with unwelcome pregnancies while maintaining the rights of the unborn.

Writing a good speech takes time. You need to have an arresting opening followed by a clear and clever way of getting your content across. Obviously too your ending should leave people thinking. If you can include humour so much the better but be careful, don't offend anyone. Some functions are formal and call for toasts to the guests and votes of thanks to guest speakers. Others are family occasions being light-hearted is the norm... Then there are the times when what you say can change lives. Urging your audience to carry a donor card or donate blood are examples of this. You can motivate your audience to be leaders, to be successful or to enjoy retirement. It all depends on what you say in your speech.

Politicians promise change in their speeches but you don't have to be one to make a difference. You can pressurise for a school uniform at a parent teacher meeting. You can push for a ban on parking on your street at a residents association meeting. You can make an impassioned plea from the dock regarding your innocence of a speeding charge. So you too can change your own life, your environment or the life of others. All you have to do is give a speech that persuades others that your ideas are the right ones.

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