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Photographer uses the techniques and camera lance for focusing the close up photos, using capture a photos,there is new a latest cameras are available in the market.
Today , most photographer use the digital camera for using capture a photos ,there is new a latest cameras are available in the market ,There is verity of camera are using photographer for capture a different location seems. Photographer uses the techniques and camera lance for focusing the close up photos. The term "photography" is derived from two Greek words meaning "light" (phos) and "writing" (graphien). The Greek word ph, the stem of ph light, which is a unit of illumination. Phos graphien. `phoslight’ it is known as Photography means the art, of capture a scene to the help of devices (camera) it is a hobby, or profession of taking photographs, and developing images for print and printing the film to or processing the digitized size image. Photography is a technique in this we production of permanent images by means of the action of light on sensitized surfaces (film or array inside a camera), which finally giving rise to a new form of visual art.

There are different types of photography like Aerial Photography; In the aerial photography means photography from the air. Aerial photography was the first method of remote sensing and even used today widely use this photography in the era of satellite and electronic scanners. Aerial photographs will still remain the most widely used type of remote sensing data. For this type of cameras also called as metric or cartographic cameras are singlelensframe cameras its designed are different for other cameras’ it use to provide extremely high geometric image quality The film format size is commonly a square of 230 mm on a side. The total width of the film used is 240 mm and the film magazine capacity ranges up to film lengths of 120 meters’ frame of imagery is capture with each opening of the camera shutter, which is tripped at a set frequency by an electronic device called an interval meter. Photographers are exclusively used in obtaining aerial photos for remote sensing in general and photogrammetric mapping purposes in particular. There is Single lens frame cameras are the most common cameras in use today.

For most photographers’ capture a scenes taken with standard lenses, photographers use for photography technique in camera center of projection is at or near the coordinate Center of the particular image. So with the help of projection technique, small but significant tricks are often introduced in the image Recording. Old-fashioned cameras and modern cameras both are use different focused system with tilt-shift lenses, digital camera used to place the center of projection far from the center of the image we can use capture an image shift has the most impact on camera lenses for Lenses with shorter focal lengths. Images that have been cropped may also have centers of projection Far from the image center. This is most often used in architectural photography, when the photographers places the film plane vertically and shifts the lens upward until the top of the building projects onto the film area. The result is that vertical lines remain parallel rather than converging toward the top of the picture, which would happen if the photographer had simply rotated the camera upwards.

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