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A Comprehensive Guide to Locum Jobs in New Zealand

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Did you know working as a locum doctor in New Zealand can be immensely satisfying and rewarding? Yes, the advantages of working as a locum doctor cannot be denied!
Did you know working as a locum doctor in New Zealand can be immensely satisfying and rewarding? Yes, the advantages of working as a locum doctor cannot be denied!

In fact, quite a number of GP’s are now choosing locum medical jobs in New Zealand rather than remaining a partner or staying in a salaried role. Locum doctor jobs are an excellent alternative to a permanent position, and it is a great source of additional income if you work on part-time locum shifts.

If you are looking for locum doctor jobs, why not take up a locum role in New Zealand? As a matter of fact, the New Zealand Medical Force is facing critical shortages in many areas and relies on doctors recruited from overseas. The shortage is due to increasing demand for health services, the ageing doctor workforce, and insufficient medical student places. About 41% of GP is expected to retire by 2025.

What is locum work?

There are many personal and professional benefits for doctors who take locum medical jobs in New Zealand. Locum positions are highly valuable to hospitals and clinics, and are often offered when extra or substitute staffs are required for reasons such as:

- Filling in for staff on sick leave or annual leave.

- Occupying vacant roles while hospitals or clinics are under pressure, or while management are recruiting permanent staff.

- Providing additional medical staff when waiting lists are overloaded or specialist care is required.

Why choose locum medical job?

There are many opportunities for professional development if you take up a locum doctor role in New Zealand.

- Better work-life balance

According to a survey, a big percentage of GPs stopped practicing full time due to financial reasons; enjoy a better work-life balance or flexibility. For most of the health professionals passion led them to take a career in medicine. In order to do your work, you must spend some time for a passion project outside medicine to divert your energies. Actually, GPs lead a busy lifestyle.

Becoming a locum GP allows you to take some time off from the hectic work schedule of medical work. This is because you have the freedom to choose the responsibilities to take on. You can say no to offers that don’t appeal to you. This is not possible if you are a permanent employee.

- Networking & Experience

Taking up a locum position allows doctors to meet and work with other doctors, effectively making connections with peers and superiors that will be advantageous when looking for permanent work in the future. Besides, this gives more opportunities to acquire more skills.

- Better income

According to a report by the Daily Mail, salaried GPs are not paid enough and partnered GPs are loaded with work. The same report also revealed that the average pay for locum doctors is increased by 6% while full-time GP earnings declined by 2%. One of the significant advantages of working as a locum is the ability to control your income while choosing the work you like. So, you can earn better than permanent GPs.

How to get a locum job?

You can contact a reputed recruitment agency to find a locum job or GP anaesthetics locum jobs. Ochre Recruitment is a reputed medical recruitment agency that successfully places overseas doctors in various roles in New Zealand. They consider your personal preferences, timing, payment, work environment and they also help with accommodation and transport.

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