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A Guide to Choosing the Right Flatware for Your Restaurant

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In a restaurant, the success of a menu is determined by the quality of the food, the precisely planned sequence of the dishes and the table setting.
In a restaurant, the success of a menu is determined by the quality of the food, the precisely planned sequence of the dishes and the table setting. When it comes to the table setting, flatware is an essential item, but it is often overlooked by many restaurateurs.Flatware can help set the ambiance of a restaurant, and in fact, it is the gateway to a sensuous of the tasting experience.

Have you paid enough attention top choosing the right cutlery? Many restaurateurs feel that it is unnecessary to go beyond using standard knife, spoon and fork cutlery. But, the wrong choice of flatware can turn to be a disaster for your business. There are several types of branded flatware like Charingworth available in the market.

This guide will help you choose the right flatware to your restaurant or hotel.


When setting the atmosphere of a restaurant, the way things look takes precedence over most other aspects. The pattern of flatware you choose will depend on what type of food you serve. With more than 100 different patterns to choose from, the task can be daunting. But, by considering these three pattern types you can narrow down your focus.

- If you are looking to create a chic and upscale look, you should choose the latest and modern patterns.

- If you have a thematic brand, you should choose a decorative pattern that suits your scheme.

- For a normal restaurant setting, you can go with the traditional pattern which will help add a hint of nostalgia or convey a family-friendly vibe.


When looking into flatware for your restaurants, decide whether you want stainless steel or silver-plated one. Stainless-steel flatware is an excellent option for budget-minded operators, and also it is easy to maintain. Stainless steel is a combination of steel, chrome, and sometimes nickel. Chrome gives the strength while nickel provides rust-resistance and the silver-like sheen that is popular on many restaurants today.


The weight of the flatware is as important as the pattern or material. Heavyweight flatware sits solidly in hand and has a certain heft to it. If your operations serve high volumes and have significant turnover rates, a medium weight design is appropriate as they tend to be cost-effective.

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