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A guide on the Third Molars - Wisdom Teeth

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Our third molars are also known as wisdom teeth.
Our third molars are also known as wisdom teeth. These teeth served a vital purpose in the ancient generations. Now, in modern human beings, these teeth are not needed and are also likely to cause several troubles than functioning correctly. So in most cases, these teeth are removed by the dentist as a preventive treatment before any problem occurs. About 75-80% of people cannot successfully maintain their wisdom teeth.

In this article, we shall discuss more about wisdom teeth, its removal, and wisdom teeth price.

Why do my Wisdom Teeth grow impacted?

Before answering this question, it is appropriate that you should know why you have these teeth. Our ancestors ate foods that were hard and raw, that was difficult to chew than what we eat today. The wisdom teeth were needed for them to aid in processing those foods.

Also, these teeth would replace their lost, worn-out teeth, as those were more common those days. Our ancestors had enough room for the wisdom teeth, and so their wisdom teeth erupted properly. Nowadays, our jaws have evolved to be more narrow and small. We also have our teeth well beyond the age when third molars erupt. So, most of us don't have sufficient space for the wisdom teeth, and so they become impacted. Also, 35% of the population doesn’t get their wisdom teeth at all.

Will I be comfortable during wisdom teeth removal?

Your dentist should take care to make sure you are comfortable during and after the procedure. He will administer sedatives and pain-relieving medicines during the surgery. So you will be both emotionally and physically comfortable. Also, he will provide you some take-home information and tips to maintain comfort and to promote quick healing.

What after Wisdom Teeth removal?

Patients should take a soft diet for a few days until they feel ready to chew and eat hard foods. Besides, they should avoid the rigorous activities they do in their routine for the first several days as it can interfere with the healing process. Most patients return to their normal routine in just a couple of days. Remember, older patients might take longer to recover post wisdom teeth extraction.

Will retaining my Wisdom Teeth cause any problem?

Retaining the wisdom teeth can cause an increased risk for tooth decay and infection. Emerging wisdom teeth may push other teeth from their place, contributing to orthodontic problems. It can also cause facial discomfort, such as tenderness in the lower half of the face and pain near the ears. TMJ disorder and headaches can also result from wisdom teeth retention. Don’t wait for symptoms to occur, wisdom teeth removal cost is affordable. Go for it!

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