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Affordable Postcards marketing Tips

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Postcards can be an effective and affordable part of your marketing program. Do not, therefore, a lack of experience in writing, you prevent them to use. This article gives you the knowledge and confidence you need to write an effective message for your marketing postcards.
Before you start writing-

Before you write a single word of your message, you need to know your audience and your goal. These are important steps, because then later with words, to bridge the gap between the audience and your goal.

Start with your audience. Make a list of things to be important, they could. Then narrow down again, what do you think is the most important element. Use this object to your headline and copy all your.

Experience not necessary

Persuasive writing is more about the human mind as the art of writing. The most successful copywriters do not arrive where they are of literary wizard. They were given to understand what motivates people, and the ability to write these feelings.

The most effective marketing copy uses clear, simple language and avoid complexity at all. Complex language is only in the way of emotions.

Pick-up a Sharper Image catalog and see what I mean. These catalogs sell well for three reasons. They have clean products. You have great photos of these products. And they have simple descriptions that aim for the emotions of the reader.

An idea by postcard

You do not have much space on the card, so the spread is not your message too thin. A fully developed theme is a hundred times better than five half-developed themes.

) By focusing on a product (or service, or an idea or theme, you can develop it in a way to generate the more likely a response. You may call the primary benefits to give a testimony or two, show some photos, are a strong offer and a call to action.

But you can not do all that while on many topics. You can to save the multi-issue approach to your brochures and websites.

People request brochures, but not require them postcards. Give this reason, the postcards they received much less attention. A quick look can get everything you. How to keep focused on your postcard, and the point - one idea per card.

Use strong, clear Headlines

Messages can the success or failure of a marketing postcard, depending on how they are used. Remember, you want to capture the attention of potential buyers on the basis of their first glance. One glance is all you get, you do not lose it. Tell them right away what you offer and what it can do for them.

Sell the next step

Before you begin to write your postcard message, you need to figure out the next step in your sales process. If your goal is to tell the reader that your product or service better than anyone else in its class, will probably be to convince your postcard briefly. That's put a lot of an 8 "x 5" piece of cardboard.

People will be on the quality of your product or service learning through experience firsthand. Not (believe it or you will get) from a single postcard.

It is a marketing path to follow, and the marketing postcard is the first (or sometimes second) step in this direction. That is the task it should perform - the reader move the sales process.

For example:

* If you sell software, you receive the postcard was a free 30-day trial to a Web page somewhere.

* If you sell your real estate services, could report on the postcard to mention an open space schools.

* If you are in the financial services industry, you can use postcards to invite people into a money-saving seminar.

Write course

When creating your postcard marketing message, try to write in a natural tone to reflect how you speak. This does not mean your message was full of slang, but it was like a person talking to another (not as a professor lectures a class of sound).

Test, Rewrite, and test again

Eugene Schwartz, author of Breakthrough Advertising, said it best: "There are no answers in direct mail except test answers." Following the best practices of postcard marketing, you will be at a base level of success. But to rise above this level, you have to test every aspect of your cards - and that includes the message.

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