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Air Source Heat Pumps- Essential for the Household Heating and Hot Water

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Air source heat pumps are the right option for household heating and hot water. An air source heat pump is also very helpful in reducing the rising fuel bills.
An air source heat pump moves heat to provide household heating and hot water as well. Main components that make the pumps more useful are the heat exchanger, a compressor and radiators or under-floor heating tubes (a way to convert the heat into a hot water tank or heating system). These pumps release the heat from the external air in the same way the cooling machines use to release the air from inside. One of the main advantages of an air source heat pump is that it can also extract the heat from the air at much lower temperature of minus 15° C. air source heat pumps come in two different forms named air-to-water system and another air-to-air system.

First one uses the heat for warm water; while another produces warm air that is circulated by fans in order to heat the room or other space where the pump is installed. If compared to standard boiler system, air-to-water system heats the water to very low temperature. When it comes to calculate the efficiency of air source heat pumps, it is measured by a CoP or Coefficient of performance. Today, in the houses as well as commercial setups, these pumps are used widely for various purposes because the rising fuel costs. In other words, air source heat pumps are very helpful in reducing the rising fuel costs as they run on a minimum amount of electricity.

That means there is no need to spend over gas, solid fuels and other sources of energy. In comparison to electric radiators, air source heat pumps are much more efficient. These types of pumps are compact that require no storage space for fuel. In other words, for the same amount of heating that you get through resistance heater, air source heat pump draws very minimum amount of electricity in comparison to other options. Apart from this, these pumps require minimum maintenance cost and are easy to install and operate. These pumps can also be used for air-conditioning in the hot weather. When it comes to buy a pump of get it installed, you can simply search over the net and place your order by selecting a store.

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