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All You Need To Know About Irrigation System

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An irrigation system is a network of permanent piping connected to emitters designed and installed to water a specific landscape area.
An irrigation system is a network of permanent piping connected to emitters designed and installed to water a specific landscape area. Emitters are devices fitted on a pipe which is operated under pressure to discharge water in a spray, mist or drip form. The irrigation supplies in Perth can help you with the better irrigation system.

Tips for Water Efficient Garden

Have to check the irrigation system regularly

- Check the watering rate and distribution by doing a tuna can test

- Look for leaks and blocked nozzles

Plant zoning

- You have to group the plants with similar requirements together (For example: different zones for grass, shrubs and vegetables)

Water uniformly

- Use the same type of emitters in the same zone

- Space the emitters to apply water evenly

Mow only when needed

- Keep grass at least 3cm high and cut outside the heat of the day to prevent it drying out.

- Encourage deep root growth

- You need to water at a slower rate for a longer time and less frequently. This can make plants hardier.

Have to Use mulch

- Mulch should be kept away from plants stems and generally be at least 5cm deep to reduce evaporation.

What is an effective irrigation system?

An efficient irrigation system is one that has been designed and installed to minimise the water output capacity. It is operated to apply an appropriate amount of water at any given time to replenish the water consumed by the plants and grasses and considering how much water can be held by the soil. The good irrigation supplies can help you with effective irrigation system. Efficient irrigation is based on four main principles:

- The timing of water application suits the plant and weather conditions.

- Water is applied effectively and uniformly.

- The amount of water applied is appropriate to the plants needs and soil properties.

- Water is applied to the plant root zone without wastage through runoff, deep drainage and other water loss sources such as wind drift and evaporation.

There are also a range of control devices that can help save water including:

- A rain sensor that feeds back to the controllers when there is rain.

- Sprinkler controllers that typically let you have different irrigation programs for different garden zones, and can have programs altered based on weather, soil moisture or evapotranspiration.

- Tap timers that allow you to set your irrigation times

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