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Attain bliss and mindfulness with meditation

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Though there are many books which unnecessarily complicate the process the above mentioned meditation techniques for beginners will help you restore your mental balance.
Hectic work schedule, cut throat competition in every field of life, struggle for existence are those vital factors, which have been instrumental in increasing your stress and anxiety. Now the question is how to overcome this burn out signs? The answer is meditation. Meditation techniques for beginners help to negate negative vibes and develop rational, positive outlook. You start viewing things in better light. With meditation you will be able to refine your emotions and attain calm of mind. Beginners don’t be apprehensive. Once you start practicing meditation on a regular basis it is sure to benefit you in multifarious ways. Meditation will enlighten you by purifying your feelings. Meditation techniques for beginners have to be very simple in nature so that you can successfully practice them.

Meditation techniques for beginners:

Choose a place which is free of disturbance.

Sit in a comfortable posture

Keep your eyes closed

Relax your muscles

Inhale and exhale slowly i.e. (breathe in hold your breath for some time and then slowly breathe out)

Now focus on a particular thing. It may be an object, a sound, or anything for the matter of fact.
These are the simplest of the meditation techniques for beginners that you can apply to attain a state of perfect bliss. There are certain pre-conceived notions that you need a special time to meditate. Though early morning, and before going to bed at night, are considered to be the two ideal times for performing meditation you can practice anytime you wish to. Initially practice it for a little time. Then gradually increase the length of time as per your convenience. If you wish to enjoy the benefits of meditation you have to put it into regular practice. Meditation paves the path of self-awareness, self-realization thus changing your life for better. Meditation channelizes your energy in positive direction. The Goal oriented and concentration techniques are the active meditation techniques for beginners that completely transform your mental status. What you exactly expect out of the process of meditation will determine the technique that should opt for.

The Trataka technique of meditation can also be employed by the beginners. Introduced by the sages of ancient India this technique will improve your power of concentration. You need to fix your gaze on the flame of a candle for a definite time period. Then close your eyes and try to re-view the flame through your mind’s eye.

Mantra meditation helps to nurture the essence of spiritualism in an individual. You chant a mantra and keep repeating it several times. Make yourself free from the burden of thoughts and try to focus on the mantra. Each time you deviate from your goal try to gain back your attention.

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