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Automatic Transfer Switches: One Stop Solution to Prevent Equipment Spoil

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Automatic transfer switches are very popular to rapidly and carefully shifting the load circuit from the normal source of power to the emergency or alternate source of power.
Due to frequently power cuts, people need UPS to work without getting disturbed. This is because; UPS provides continuous power supply when utility power gets disconnected. When the normal or preferred source of power is gone, then automatic transfer switches quickly and safely shift the load circuit from the normal source of power to the emergency or alternate source of power. Also known as ATS, Automatic transfer switches are applied to protect the power during an outage. They are not only popular for maintaining constant voltage levels on the electrical circuit, but also for monitoring the power that keep your electronic appliances running efficiently with ease. Automatic transfer switches monitor the normal power source as well as emergency power sources; hence decreasing the risk of any kind of equipment spoils.

Knowing more about automatic transfer switches

Automatic transfer switches automatically transfer the load circuits to the emergency power source in the time of utility power cuts, thus normal power sources gets reinstated and the procedure is automatically preserved. Apart from this, they also keep a close view on the circuit during the time of power surges, brownouts, spikes and voltage drops. Automatic transfer switches starts its work of emergency power supplying if any problem comes in existence. In fact, they also monitor the main power supply and the emergency power supply.

An automatic transfer switch functions to determine the incoming power from the utility source. The switch allows you to detect the anomalies such as voltage sags, brownouts, spikes or surges and automatically commands the generator to get started and act as an energy provider during these anomalies.

Covering applications ranging from 200 amperes to more than 5000 amperes, Automatic transfer switches main functions are to automatically switch the power off from the main power line when the break or disturbance in the power occurs instantly.

Buying automatic transfer switches

If you want to buy automatic transfer switches, then you can take the help of the online stores. This is because, online stores are not only selling UPS and its accessories, but also are providing pieces of information about them.

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