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Become A Certified Project Management Professional

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Do you want to increase productivity and reduce stress of work? It is possible with project management training. The training program will help you to boost your work efficiency and minimize the risk.
Do you want to increase productivity and reduce stress of work? It is possible with project management training. The training program will help you to boost

your work efficiency and minimize the risk. If you want to become project management professional, you can join training program and earn the certification.

Here are few steps to help you…

a) First check your eligibility, only three eligibility requirements are there…

1. Should have bachelor’s degree or equivalent (it should be 4 years degree, not 3 years), in case of no bachelor degree, then high school diploma is


2. Should have 3 years or 4500 hours project management experience, in case of high school diploma you should have 7500 hours experience.

3. Should have 35 hours project management training, choose the nearest authentic and registered institute. You can find it easily on PMI website.

b) The complete process is available online; you can fill the form to meet your eligibility criteria. Within a week you will get your eligibility letter.

c) Now you are eligible to enroll in training program. Register yourself and fill the form to take examination. You can become a member of PMI however it is

not necessary but has some advantages including exam fee, get access to download soft coly of A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge, etc.

d) Pay the fee and soon you will receive information about audit. You need to go through an audit (if they have chosen you). In the audit process they will

ask you to submit hard copies of your educational and experience letter or certificates. It may take around six weeks to get approval. If they don’t ask you

for audit then within a week, you will get "Authorization to Test" letter.

e) Check your examination schedule. Take the exam, it held twice in a day and open on all working days.

f) You will get 4 hours to attempt 200 questions. Out of 200 questions 25 will be pretest. To qualify the exam you need to achieve score of minimum 131 out

of 200. You will not get any break during the exam, in case you are taking a break then clock will not stop, it will run continues.

The Benefits of Project Management Training

Increase Productivity: The training program will help you to boost work efficiency; it means you will be able to finish your project on time. As you and your

team’s productivity will increase, the confidence plus motivation will also get high boost.

Reduce Stress: In almost every company you can face stress because of workload, but you can reduce it. As an expert management professional you know

who is best in what task, then assign the task accordingly. Also check who is overload and who have less work, make a proper balance between those

members. The training will help you to utilize your team for perfect and on time completion of project.

Minimize Risk: The training will help you to minimize the project risk and improve its quality. A professional know the possibilities and he plans accordingly.

You will know the how to avoid unexpected pitfalls.

Confidence: Without complete knowledge of a project it quite obvious you will be nervous. But by taking bold steps and creating right planning you can

motivate your team plus people working around you.

These are some benefits of project management training. If you want to boost your performance you can join the training soon. Have a great luck.

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The project management training is useful for every professional. It doesn’t matter in what sector you are working; this will help you to boost your performance. For more details you can visit

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