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Become a Rural Hospital Doctor in New Zealand

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Do you want to live and work in some of the most beautiful places in New Zealand as a rural doctor? If so, take up locum medical jobs in New Zealand.
Do you want to live and work in some of the most beautiful places in New Zealand as a rural doctor? If so, take up locum medical jobs in New Zealand. Living outside the hustle and bustle of city life will open the door to some of New Zealand’s most exotic places. Moreover, it is the right time to take up a rural doctor job, as the remote hospitals and rural GP practices in New Zealand currently faces a shortage of medical professionals.

The shortage of doctors hit rural health care delivery, and this has been the case for many years. The issue is caused by decreasing rural populations, funding shortfalls, and also the closing of some facilities. In a few places, increased population growth and the increasing number of elderly New Zealanders has placed pressure on existing small practices as well. Across the aged care sector, the demand for skilled and experienced medical professionals is even higher. From the top of the North to the bottom of the South, filling New Zealand’s rural medical positions remains a constant challenge.

Why choose locum doctor jobs in Rural Communities?

Based on the study on the Rural Hospital Doctor’s Workforce in New Zealand and a follow-up study, it is evident that New Zealand is highly dependent on an overseas-trained workforce and it is in a critical shortfall of doctors, especially in rural areas.

The survey also reveals that over a third of rural medical jobs in New Zealand were found to be vacant or temporarily filled by locum placements and most of the hospital managers disclosed they struggle to source qualified staff. While the workforce situation was found to be greatly improved in the 2016 survey, approximately 25% of hospital managers still indicated a serious or critical shortage.

If rural medicine is of your interest, then you will find an extensive range of opportunities available to you. While you have a wide range of opportunities available in large city practices with minimal on-call requirements, you can choose from smaller practices in regional centres which enables you to couple career aspirations with lifestyle choices. Whether you are looking for a position as an RMO or GP anaesthetics locum jobs, New Zealand has the right position for you.

- Well-equipped modern facility with staff assistance
- Public health care is funded by the Government
- A rural doctor’s income is higher than your normal rate, and you can have the opportunity to enjoy all New Zealand has to offer
- World class training for all health care professionals
- You will get the opportunity to explore different work environment and different locations without having to make a permanent move.

If you are thinking about a change of scene, or know a colleague or friend looking for adventure and the chance to make a difference in a rural community, now is the perfect time to talk to Ochre Recruitment about a rural placement, as well as the travel, accommodation and competitive session rates on offer.

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