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Blog Comments are an Intelligent Way to Natural Link Building

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A way to natural link building through blog comments assure good amount of relevant traffic. The only thing that you need to learn is to identifying the relevancy of the blog, and soundness and aptness of the comments in contrast to your theme. Both your blogs and comments should satiate the purpose of building and growing useful relationships.
Among all the link building techniques, blog commenting is considered as possibly the weakest. In fact, it would be interesting to mention that many webmasters not even deem the strategy of 'post commenting' as a useful natural link building technique, as they fail to determine its actual potential and purpose.

Blogs are created with the aspect of sharing knowledge, where comments provide a way to hold a discussion over it. The comments are required to be relevant and interesting to lead a discussion and should not get trashed out as spam. However, the unashamed abuse of this method is brilliantly executed by some SEO experts. These experts use automated software to spam absurd comments on blogs. Using software to make post to one hundred blogs with the comment "good post" eventually bring no results.

Real blog posts are made by real human beings. Anything that is not relevant to the blog or does not carry any valuable information is entirely useless. Every comment should be useful to the website and help in generating more traffic. For this purpose, the blog post can add on more valuable information or else can ask a question or challenge the given information in the blog. Only such comments will be accepted and would let you put up your link as well, thus helping you with your link building services.

However, here also a game begins as most webmasters believe that these links are useless as they bear "nofollow" tag on them and hence, are useless from SEO’s point of view. But an important point to note here is that comments are meant for discussion but SEO, promotion or advertising. Moreover, with the coming of heavy spamming tactics used in this field, it has become imperative for the search engines to involve algorithm to help detect spam links. But those who read and then post a comment, need not worry as search engines are smart enough to reward content that are written by humans for other human readers. Given below are the three steps that one needs to follow to get his blog comments approved instantly.

• Select only relevant blogs: There is no requirement of making your website full of blog posts. Simply post blogs that are relevant to your website. For this purpose, you may easily avail a list of blog URLs from the search engines.

• Post intelligent comments: Read carefully the post content and then post the intelligent comments that pull along the scope of further discussion. Also, spend some time to read other comments.

• Write in a personal style: As most blogs are created in the form of personal websites, it looks ideal to follow the personal writing style. The free style will enables your blogs to attract more and more people and bring you an opportunity to build a relationship with other bloggers. On the Internet, networking and partnership plays a very important role in bringing success. Therefore, each of your write-ups should be created with the intention of building and growing relationships.

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