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Cairo Travel- Beautiful Amalgamation of the Old and New World

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Cairo is the capital city of Egypt. This city is the beautiful amalgamation of the old and new world. You can feast your eyes on the architectures and mighty pyramids from the ancient glorious world of the popular Egyptian culture. You can come to this city during the winter seasons.
Cairo is the capital city of the famous ancient world country-Egypt, Africa. This mesmerizing place is not only the home of some 16 million strong crowd of localities but also the home of the unending desert around this place. The city appears to be like a small drop of fresh dew in the desert cum leaf. This city is the 19th largest city in the world. The city is a beautiful presentation of the mesmerizing amalgamation of the old and new world. Egypt has remained an important city culturally and historically since times unknown. Cairo truly depicts the alluring beauty of both the worlds. Cairo travel is all welcomed if you want to have a taste of the popular Egyptian culture.

Cairo Travel- Where to go?

Most of the Egyptian museums are in the Midan EI Tahrir, the downtown and modern part of the city. You will get many hotels there where you can relish the local delicacies as well as delicacies from all over the world. You may then go to the Islamic Cairo. Here you will get a glimpse of all the mosques in all their splendors. You can visit the Citadel, Mohamed Ali Mosques, Khan el Khalili- the main bazaar of the area. The Khan el Khalili is also called souq. There are Hammams or Cairo's turkish baths in these places. From there you can head to the Old Cairo where you can feast your eyes on Fustat, the Cairo's historical kernel. You may also go to Coptic Cairo. The Rhoda island too lies nearby so you can take a boat trip to this island if you have time left. The Opera House and the Cairo Tower are in the Gezira and Zamalek area, the upmarket suburb with shopping areas and eating joints and cafeterias. Giza district is the house of the ancient pyramids and the mighty Nile river.

Cairo Travel- More Details

Winter is the best time of the year to visit this place. November to March is the peak season for this city. For local transportation you can use the metro, taxis and even buses. There are many hotels found in this city. The hotels are both luxurious and budgetary. You simply need to book the hotels online much before your actual arrival so that you get your choice of room within the budget you can afford.

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