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Choosing Your Wedding Flowers? Avoid These Mistakes!

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For certain brides, planning their wedding florals is something that they’ve looked forward to for years.
For certain brides, planning their wedding florals is something that they’ve looked forward to for years. But it can be a challenge for others. No matter what your view on finding beautiful flowers for your special day, make sure you're set! Choosing your wedding flowers isn't always easy, as many married couples will attest, and there are common mistakes you can avoid with proper advice from the best florist Charlottesville VA.

Shortage Of Research

Many florists in Charlottesville VA are surprised by the number of couples who have not done any homework before they go shopping. To begin with, you should start looking at different bouquets and arrangements and saving photos of the ones you like. Although you certainly don't want to reproduce an exact template, a consultation with flower shops in Charlottesville VA is a good starting point.

Usage Of A Mono Color

Monochromatic patterns may look impressive but it may be better to go for a variety of colors. Don't try to match the color of your bridesmaid’s dresses to the color of the flowers. If all your tones are too close, then the flowers won't stand out, and they won’t show up in photos.

Scented Flowers

While most flowers are fragrant in some way, some have stronger scents than others. These super aromatic varieties may clash with foodstuff being served, but worse still, some of your guests can become uncomfortable. Some people can be affected by their strong scent, causing them headaches or some other type of allergic reaction. Avoid this possibility by selecting minimal-to-no fragrance, flowers and plants.

Budget Too Small

It can be expensive to plan a wedding. More budget conscious brides might think it seems like a good idea to skimp on the floral arrangements. Some brides can even try to make their own, which can be catastrophic, adding more stress and expense to your last few days before the event. Save yourself the trouble and add flowers to your budget. If you do go with a florist, it will make the consultation easier if you provide them with your budget. They will suggest alternative ideas to get the look you want, within your means.

Ignoring Florist Advice

No doubt every bride-to-be has her own vision, even if it is just an image of the overall effect of the florals. Florists, however, are experts and their views should not only be heard and respected, but also trusted. Even if you have a clear idea of what you want, take the time to listen to suggestions from your florists and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Selecting Only Inexpensive Flowers

Again, making a budget is important. But don't rule out the most lavish flowers entirely. Some might be individually more costly, but as a whole you may actually be saving money, particularly the larger blooms that cover more room. Strategic placement of a few gorgeous lilies or hydrangeas or garden roses will upgrade the look of your entire wedding.

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